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They reject the Balmaseda wind power plant project to make another one that "reduces"

  • The project of windmills intended to be built on a hillside of Mount Kolitza has been rejected by the Basque Government, as pointed out by the Mayor of Balmaseda. But instead, another "least impact" plant is planned in the area. On 26 May the Euskal Herria Bizirik platform organized a mountain march to the summit.
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16 May 2024 - 10:22
Last updated: 11:28

Alfonso San Vicente, Mayor of Balmaseda (Bizkaia), announced that the company Blue Viking Barbara will not finally make the wind plant between the Kolitza and Garbea mountains. The project contemplated six large windmills of 200 meters high, and the Municipality of Balmaseda also resorted. No concessions or project concepts have been published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV).

The Correo, citing the sources of the Basque Government, points out that the organization responsible for energy has reinstated the wind power plant, but envisages a new "that incites less" between the Kolitza and Sabugal mountains, further south.

This second project was announced at BOPV on 12 May and has been announced in the Bizkaia General Bulletin on Wednesday. It will have four wind turbines in total and a budget of EUR 15 million.

Mountain March to Kolitza

In addition to Balmaseda, other wind projects are planned in all the Commissions that would affect Arcentales, Sopuerta, Trucios, Güeñes and more municipalities. Environmental groups and local platforms have denounced that they can cause serious environmental damage.

On 26 May, the Euskal Herria Bizirik platform will convene a mountain march to Mount Kolitza, an organized mobilization following the demonstration of Azpeitia, Euskal Herria Bizirik in the Defense of the Earth! under the slogan.

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