He leaves the street in Brazil against a bill that seeks to turn abortion into a homicide
Hundreds of women have come to the Brazilian streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on Thursday. The Liberal Party proposes a law for abortion to be judged as ordinary homicide from week 22. If a woman who has been raped under this law aborts after that period of time, she will... [+]

Discotheque for freedom
The Harrika collective was born with the objective of creating a more “free” and “safe” night entertainment based on care. They have been doing techno besta kuir and feminists in Vitoria-Gasteiz for two years. From 26 to 28 July the Harrikada Festival will take place in... [+]

The feminist holiday protocol of the neighborhoods of Vitoria-Gasteiz is underway
The protocol is structured in three main axes: pedagogy, prevention and response. The attack report telephone will remain active 24 hours: (+34) 747 414 834.  

2024-06-07 | Estitxu Eizagirre
Event "The Thread of Women" in Villabona, June 7
Testimonies, mural and bertso saioa, to learn about the work of women in textile factories and their relationship with the verse
Women workers in textile factories and Bertsolaris have been stitched by the Emakumeen haria initiative. It will take place on June 7 in Villabona. The visitor will know that the current house Subijana, the seat of the Bertsozale Association, was a textile factory in the past;... [+]

2024-06-07 | Bertsozale.eus
It will be in Portugalete IV. Andrea Awards, June 8
The initiative aims at the visibility of women and other non-hegemonic identities, with the participation of eight bertsolaris.

2024-06-07 | Uriola.eus
Ehgama refuses to receive €400,000 from public institutions in Bilbao Bizkaia Handia
The problem of the LGBTI+ group accuses the institutions of using public money only to commodify and “pinkwashing” the administration.

Have a rope

International Migrants Day is celebrated on 18 December. Last year, an institutional event was held at the Alhóndiga in Bilbao in cooperation with the social partners and I was invited to participate. There I had an unbeatable opportunity to meet new creators and, above all, to... [+]

Body sounds
"The worst thing about fibromyalgia is that others don't believe it."
Although for some it is invisible and implausible, there is fibromyalgia and there are more than two hundred symptoms associated with the disease. Some of them are supported by Edurne Iribarren (Otsagabia, Navarra, 1954) and stressed that they have a “great” impact on daily... [+]

2024-06-04 | Ahotsa.info
Euskal Herriko Gazte Feministak, mugimendu feministaren historia letra propioz idazten jarraitzeko tresna berria

 Euskal Herriko Neska* Gazteak sareak agerraldia egin du asteburu honetan Oreretan subjektu politikoa aldatu duela jakinarazteko. Hemendik aurrera, sareak Euskal Herriko Gazte Feministak izena hartuko duela iragarri dute.

"The exchange of letters helps us break isolation and collectivize pain and struggle"
Naiara Perea, member of the assembly of transfeminist days against prisons to be held this Saturday in Vitoria-Gasteiz, spoke about the social consequences of the criminal justice system.