They present the GUKA, the “free plaza” created by hundreds of Euskaltzales of Bilbao
At the pier of Ripa, numerous Euskaltzales met in the presentation of the movement that has been created to be able to speak freely in Euskera. They point out that “it will be a consequence and after the impressive work done by the bilbaínos for many years”.

2024-06-13 | Rafa Arriola
Not suitable

In a one-hour commute to the workplace, I am accompanied by the car radio. On yesterday's journey, I had the opportunity to enjoy a short story program, as the last port of the road, full of curves, began in Karrantza. Short legends, yes, of few words, but stories of great... [+]

A bus driver from San Sebastian denounces the Basque attitude
A citizen denounces that on May 2 a bus driver from San Sebastian, in addition to infringing his linguistic rights, sent him a reply in Basque. This has been communicated by the Observatory on Linguistic Rights. ARGIA has talked to that person to know what happened.

2024-06-12 | Ane Labaka Mayoz
Being born in Basque

Until her final stage, the linguist Carmen Junyent claimed the possibility of dying in Catalan. When she died, she wrote her experiences with the health staff and asked to be published after her death. In this way, he wanted to emphasize that language is part of the treatment of... [+]


“Frantzian frantsesa! Trapezistak!!”. Gure ele barbaroak tarteko, mugaz bi aldeetara ere, izan gintezke, berdin, emazte bizarduna ala gasolina hurrupa batzuen alde ahotik garrak botatzen dituen su-irenslea, laban jaurtitzailearen giza-itua, sarerik gabeko... [+]

2024-06-11 | ARGIA
The Teatro Vitoria will finally be able to open its doors, after agreement with the City Hall
The Lazarraga cultural association, which manages the Gasteiz Theatre, and the City Hall of Vitoria-Gasteiz, have signed an agreement that will soon open its doors. It is agreed, inter alia, to pay the Cultural Association the economic debt charged by the City Council for five... [+]

UEMA launches the 'Zuzenean' campaign, with the aim of increasing the use of Euskera in the tourism sector
The Commonwealth has stressed that the Basque Country is the one that best reflects the identity of the Basque municipalities, and has called for the commitment of those responsible and workers in the service sector, both visitors and visitors. The campaign will take place from... [+]

2024-06-07 | Sustatu
Google’s results have shown some reasons for Catalan to appear less
This website documented the fall of Catalan and Basque between 2022-2023 in the search results of Google. Something that had some repair. Recently, from some studies that have come from Catalonia, we have known some reasons for these languages to appear less in the searches. On... [+]

2024-06-07 | Aiaraldea
Euskera has less and less weight in the budgets of the City of Amurrio
Although the budget of the City of Amurrio is increasing by EUR 5 million, there has been a decrease of 8% in the amount allocated to the Basque area, EUR 33,945.52 less than last year.

Antropolis in our country

I have always believed that Euskal Herria was like Sardes, at the height of Ziro Handia, who knew perfectly well that the customs and passion for the independence of a people or community are key to promoting their self-esteem, and that it was enough to use them with meaning to... [+]