El País has received 24 testimonies that corroborate the sexual abuse committed by the writer and cleric legorrés. The attacks were carried out on children between 8 and 9 years old and 17 years old. In the 1990s, Ezkiaga's companions were aware of the aggressions, but denounced their actions.
About a hundred teachers will help students make their oral in Euskera
The teaching staff will carry out an action to support the oral expression of the lower in Euskera. In the dress there will be a few plates with a stick and an orejeta, to indicate to the students that they “have all the protection” in the exam of speaking in Basque.

2024-06-20 | Gedar
A person from Arrasate scams young Colombians
Accused of being an agent of footballers, he has claimed money from young people and has encouraged them to migrate from Colombia convinced that a football team from the Basque Country could be interested in them. He has deceived at least 25 people and built them up in the... [+]

2024-06-19 | Axier Lopez
The UPV/EHU will not sign new agreements with CAF until it leaves the Jerusalem tram that violates human rights
Several people met on the morning of 19 June at the headquarters of the Vicerrectorado de Gipuzkoa of the UPV/EHU to request the suspension of relations between the UPV/EHU and CAF in Ibaeta. The Vice-Chancellor of the Campus of Gipuzkoa, Agustín Erkizia Olaizola, has announced... [+]

2024-06-19 | Estitxu Eizagirre
How to revitalize the local fair? Bergara's experience
In Bergara, the Food Bureau has been set up, from which various actions are being taken to strengthen the local market and to work on the relief of the baserritars. The horticulturist Jon Ruiz de Egino, a member of the Eskubaratz project, is part of the Food Table. And the... [+]

2024-06-19 | Itxaro Borda

A woman accuses a deceased Basque writer and poet of having committed abuse during school-age teenagers. The excitement of Erbia is right Gorka Bereziartua. If it had been anyone else, the matter would not have been kept quiet, including the feminists and I, because they would... [+]

2024-06-19 | Tere Maldonado
Competitiveness in education

Selling and buying are fundamentally human activities. Markets and small fairs are bustling and lively public spaces, sociability places where we find valuable things we need (food, clothing, utensils) in exchange for a fair price. There is a luminous and fleeting encounter... [+]

2x23: Azoken Egoera | Aitziber Plazaola (Ereindajan) eta Jon Ruiz de Egino (Eskubaratz)
MULTIMEDIA - Egonarria

Jon Ruiz de Egino baratzezaina da, Eskubaratz proiektuko kidea. Eta Aitziber Plazaola dendaria, Ereindajan kooperatibako kidea. Beste hainbat kiderekin, Bergarako elikadura mahaian parte hartu dute. Bertan aztertu dute herriko azoka nola biziberritu eta saio honetan mintzo dira... [+]

Body sounds
"I had many surgical procedures without asking for permission."
The intersex activist* and the DJ are the Free of Marikarma (Baena, Spain, 1984). In 2003, the fight against the psychiatric system began, and it is currently following the same path as those of the Insania group. In March he participated in the Conference “Psychiatric... [+]

"Since physical education is yet another subject in school, the treatment you receive cannot be this."
Removed from the key competences, marginalised in the conversion of the Berritzegunes, disparaged in the number of hours... Luis Larrañaga, professor of physical education “Alimón”, has denounced to ARGIA that physical education in the CAV undergoes difficult times and... [+]

2024-06-19 | ARGIA
Doctors and pediatricians missing in Bortziri and Baztan
They have gone to the streets to denounce the lack of doctors and pediatricians from Bortziri and Baztan, the endless waiting lists and the delay in appointments, among others. “Those of us who live in rural areas also deserve proper attention.”