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The homophobic attack in Bilbao comes to Parliament

  • In Santomasa two homophobes broke the nose of a 23-year-old and, in this case, Elkarrekin Podemos IU asks the Basque Government about measures to deal with LGBT phobia. EHGAM from Bilbao also says: "We ask to break with the discourses that support the cysheteronorma."
Asierrek, sudurra apurtu zioten 23 urteko gazteak, erasoak jasaten dituztenen ahalduntzean jarri du fokua.

16 January 2024 - 05:19

Starting from the homophobic attack in Bilbao, MEP Isa González asked the government a number of questions to answer in writing: How many LGBTQ aggressions were quantified in CAPV in 2023 and have increased? In the knowledge that there are occult cases, does the Government intend to make greater efforts to obtain real data? What measures does the Government envisage to deal with LGBTI attacks? Is the network well known enough, does people come from the community to report the attacks, how to make the network known, what resources does it have?

In short, the network is a network belonging to the Basque Government that aims to support those who have suffered discrimination. It also has functions of prevention, pedagogy, awareness and social awareness.

Sexual dissidents endanger the cyisheteropatriarchal system and "for this reason, hatred against us and violence has been exacerbated, often with the help of institutions and media"

"No police responses possible"

What does the LGBTI+ collective ask the administration? EHGAM Bilbao+ has responded to ARGIA that breaks with discourses that protect cyseheteronorma and binarism, which "endanger our life", "even deny our existence". In short, sexual dissidents threaten this cysheteropatriarchal system and "for this reason, hatred against us and violence has been exacerbated, often with the help of institutions and media". The group understands that hate speech and practices are intertwined: "When feminism and transfeminism have advanced, the reactionary response, that is, fascist, has been organized and increased: machismo, transphobia, homophobia... These hatreds and practices need to be broken."

The team has made it clear that the problem is structural and that there is no possible police response to the attacks.

Asier, 23, broke his nose and focused on the empowerment of the aggressors in an interview with ARGIA: "The aggressors can't run out of response, a physical or verbal response, but the answer, because if you let them hook you up, you'll spend your whole life in shock."

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The Pamplona Anti-Phobia Observatory concludes that awareness has “increased”
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Two homophobes break Asier's nose in Bilbao: "They want us hooked, we have to answer them."
Asier was reaching out to his boyfriend, and after him there were two young men who gave him such a violent end that they broke his nose and threw him to the ground. ARGIA recently spoke to him: "Fascist discourse is being strengthened and legitimized in some settings."

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