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Two homophobes break Asier's nose in Bilbao: "They want us hooked, we have to answer them."

  • Asier was reaching out to his boyfriend, and after him there were two young men who gave him such a violent end that they broke his nose and threw him to the ground. ARGIA recently spoke to him: "Fascist discourse is being strengthened and legitimized in some settings."
Bilboko Indautxu auzoan jasan zuten 23 urteko Asierrek eta bere mutilak eraso homofoboa. Atzetik agertu zitzaizkien eta "dena oso azkar pasa zen". Argazkia: Asierrek utzia.

08 January 2024 - 05:45
Last updated: 2024-01-09 23:02:56

They were Santomasa, on 21 December at 1:45 a.m., and in the Bilbaíno district of Indautxu they suffered a homophobic attack by Asier and his 23-year-old boy. They appeared from behind and "everything happened very quickly", the assailants raised the end and ran away when he got up from the ground. "My kid had a worse time, he didn't touch it, but he got white, not knowing what response or how to react, and lived helplessly to see how I got stuck." With nosebleeds, Asier was treated in a nearby nightclub (he prefers not to give surnames). They call the municipal police and report. Then came the ambulance and the young billiard was taken to the hospital. They confirmed that he had his nose broken and intervention last week.

The attack was reported by Itaia in Gedar, but it has otherwise gone unnoticed.

"With or without aggression, the autopilot is always on for those of us who are not heterogeneous, you know where you're not going to hand your boyfriend, where you're not going to kiss."

Accustomed to homophobic comments yes, but it is the first time that Asier has suffered a homophobic physical attack, from now on we have asked him if he is afraid to go hand in hand or publicly express other affective gestures. "With or without aggression, the autopilot is always activated for those of us who are not heteronous, depending on the place, the people and the environment that surrounds you... you know what you can do and what you can't, unless you give your hand to your boyfriend, where you don't kiss."

Is there still great social homophobia? "Of course, especially in everyday life and more in all areas, even within the LGTB movement, which is something that crosses us all." However, he says that an environment is normalizing and legitimizing reactionary positions, through streamers and politicians. "Before these attacks were surely more hidden, there is now a sector that faces these attitudes and feeds back and strengthens itself, normalizing hate speech."

"Before, these attacks were surely concealed, now there is a sector that opposes these attitudes and feeds back and strengthens"

In addition to the denunciation, these people and these attacks cannot go unanswered, Asier believes, "a physical or verbal response, but a response, because if you let them get you hooked, you'll spend your whole life staggered." Recommends receiving personal defense courses.

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