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How do we work desires, sexual diversity or identity with 12-18 year olds?

  • Bodies, identities, desires, social justice, empowerment and memory: have published didactic units in the return of these six areas to work with ESO and Baccalaureate students. LGBT+ is a “means of bringing sexual realities out of the closet to the plaza” based on people’s testimonies, discrimination and demands.
"Armairutik plazara" proiektuaren baitan prestatzen ari diren dokumentalaren irudia.

30 April 2024 - 07:30

The didactic units “From the closet to the plaza” have been created by the cooperative Hiruki Larroxa and have been published by the City Hall of Hernani. Six areas, six didactic units, all with a project-based methodology, which include stimulating questions and paragraphs to collect the concrete interests and curiosities of students in relation to the theme. The resources available to work in each area include articles, interviews, audio-visual and video clips, especially based on testimonies of LGBT+ people (Miquel Missé, Empar Pineda, Kattalin Miner, Imanol Alvarez…).

From the first year of Compulsory Secondary Education to the second year of Baccalaureate, the authors have proposed six areas to work on each of the levels: bodies (body discrimination, morphological-sexual diversity, intersexuality, trans realities, obesity, racism, capacitism...), identities (manifestations and gender roles, non-binarism, gender patterns, sexual violence,…).

"We cannot choose how to develop our sexuality, because we are labeled illegally from the beginning and from that label we must develop our sexuality"

“We started to understand the desire for insults”

Didactic units are part of a larger project. In 2021 When does the wardrobe end? published the book (in ARGIA we published the interview “Dissident identities are assimilating the system, adapted to the heteroara”) and are now preparing the documentary. In the interview we addressed different areas, such as students and education, and we also asked the authors about the children who are shaping their sexual identity. “Normally first comes the border and the rule, and then we build, and borders and norms bring violence, so we are born of violence. We began to understand by insults not only what a desire or another is, but also the heteronorma itself. We see it every day in schools: the child who has a certain gender expression will receive a homophobic insult before knowing what homosexuality is. We cannot choose how to develop our sexuality, because we are labeled out from the very beginning and from that label we must develop our sexuality." It is clear to the interviewees that "working on equal and healthy relationships should be fundamental in education".

The Hernani City Hall makes the teaching units available to all the public in this link.

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