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The next school year the immersion model will continue in the unique children's school in Pamplona

  • Euskalgintza has asked the City Hall to establish a model of immersion in children's schools in all the districts of Pamplona. It also denounces that they are in the same situation as 35 years ago.      
Iruñeko Euskalgintza plataforma osatzen duten eragileeetako kideak, Laban egindako agerraldian.

22 February 2024 - 12:58
Last updated: 14:54

The agents that make up the Euskalgintza platform in Pamplona have pointed out that the only way to “revitalize” minority languages is the model of immersion. Therefore, they ask the City Council to establish a model of immersion in children's schools in all the districts of Pamplona: “Research on the immersion system shows that immersion in a minority language guarantees the bilingual or plurilingualism of students.” AEK and Euskaltegi IKA, Sortzen, HE Guraso AET and the ELA, LAB and Steilas trade unions participated yesterday, 21 February, at the Laba hearing.

The members of Euskalgintza denounce that they are in the same situation as 35 years ago. In fact, only one of the seventeen children's schools in Pamplona has a model of immersion. At the time of Yolanda Barcina there were two children's schools and in 2015 Joseba Asirón established the model of immersion in four children's schools: Chantrea, Rochapea, Donibane and Arrosadía. As UPN returned in 2019, the supply to the municipal government gradually decreased until establishing a unique immersion model.

Although there is a single immersion model, in some children's schools there is a mixed model that combines Euskera with Spanish or English. However, on more than one occasion they have denounced that in these types of models the Basque is “crushed” and “marginalized”. In addition, they tend to have conciliation problems because they have to go to other neighborhoods.

80% of the demand without a seat last year

On the road to the goal, EH Bildu, PSN, Geroa Bai and With You have talked to Nafarroa members and proposed three neighborhoods to expand their Basque offer: Mendillorri, Arrosadía and Donibane. In addition, they say there is a “need” to create more children’s schools because last year 80% of the requests were left without a place.

In an interview with ARGIA, Asiron said they don't have time to make changes in the next course. Members of the Basque sector are concerned about the statements: "It's not good news." In addition, they say they will continue to "tighten" what the City Hall said. Because Asiron says he will take measures to promote the Basque: “In any case, our objective of this legislature is: That the boy or girl who wants to learn Basque in any neighborhood of Pamplona can do so. That would be a great achievement.”

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