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Four families at a Getxo school denounce the sexual abuse of a teacher

  • The allegations have come after detecting signs of sexual assault in the hospital to one of the children. The Department of Security reports that the investigation has been initiated and four complaints have been filed. The European College of Getxo has stated that it “separated” the teacher from the center and acted with “total responsibility”, but families have accused him of “covering” what happened.

28 May 2024 - 15:37
Last updated: 2024-05-29 10:07:16

In the last three years he has taught at the European College of Getxo. As has been known on Tuesday and the Department of Security has confirmed, four families have filed a complaint with the teacher for a crime against sexual freedom. The Department of Security indicates that families are not excluded from making further complaints.

Children who have suffered alleged sexual assaults are children 4 years of Early Childhood Education, all of them girls. The newspaper El Correo talks to the four families who have filed the complaint. He has published that a family took his daughter to the hospital on Monday, May 20, with pain in the “intimate parts” of the body. The child had not wanted to go to school for several days. Before, the same family denounces that her daughter settled for two days in school without underwear. The family was informed at the hospital that the girl had signs of sexual abuse and that was when she filed a complaint with the Ertzaintza police station in Getxo. The family informed the school and other parents of the situation and the other three families subsequently filed the complaints after talking to their daughters. According to these families, at least two other girls have been abused.

Complaint from families and school explanations

According to Egunkaria, four families complain about the attitude of the European College of Getxo. According to the mother who filed her first complaint, when she told the school that her daughter had returned twice without underwear, they replied that it would be “probably because it was very hot.” “Instead of worrying about us, all they have done is question and invite our daughters to leave school. They wanted to cover,” the four families reported.

The school has sent a letter to the school families on Tuesday morning. He assures them that the center has acted “with total responsibility”, “in coordination with the services of the Educational Inspectorate and with the Police since the first time that any indications have been known”. He explains that the teacher was removed from the center “immediately” and that “the families of the affected level” were informed this Monday of the situation and of the measures taken by the school. “All the activities of the center are oriented, on the one hand, to the protection of students and their families and, on the other, to avoid access to open legal procedures. Any interpretation in another sense has no basis,” says the last point in the note.

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