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Castaño Indi Wars

  • Being in the hole is not the worst,” Manu said, “the worst is not knowing when it is going to leave us, or even if it is going to leave us. In the novel The Small War of Lander Garro, which narrates the plight of the refugees of a war, among their characters, Anna Frank.

12 February 2024 - 07:27
Anna Franken egunerokoko protagonistetako bat: bere etxeko leihotik ikusten zuen zuhaitza, indi gaztainondoa. 2006an ateratako argazkia. 2010ean haizeteak eraitsi zuen. Jatorrizko argazkia: Huliana90212, edizioa:Arthena. Wikimedia CC BY 2.0

“I sometimes forget the Anna Frank syndrome, who knows it, the terror of staying here forever and so on. She then told her about the case of Anna Frank, a Jewish girl fleeing from the Nazis during World War II, who spent two years hiding in a house where she wrote a diary and died in the Auschwitz concentration zone after a Dutch denounced it.” Fugitive in false time and also Anna. Basque and Jewish in terror.

Anna wrote, while staying in the hiding place, a newspaper that later became famous, after having been published in the genocide against the Jews of World War II after being killed in a holocaust concentration camp.

One of the protagonists of this day is the tree that could be seen from the window of the house, the Indi chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), which lived in central Amsterdam. Later, after passing their fame through the camp, they tried to demolish those of the murder cell PERRO (Helpers of Criminal Tree Opponents), but they joined the local people and managed to save. Tired of fighting with the murderers of wars, sick, on 23 August 2010 he was shot down by a strong wind, about 160 years old. A tree that will remain for history, a tree linked to the warrior, genocide, holocaust and passion for a girl's life.

The chestnuts of this tree have been collected and many young chips, museums or the like have been planted around the world to remember and reject the genocide of the Jews or the actions of this level. Chestnut Indi is proliferating with the arrival of its chestnuts on all continents. The following trees live in schools in Fukuyama, New York, Bradfor, Indianapolis and many towns in Europe, next to the City Hall of the 3rd district of Lyon, capital of the French war resistance, and in the Anne Frank garden in Paris. There are many streets, squares, gardens, etc. They are named after Anna Frank. In San Sebastian’s Aiete Park there is also a hallway of this tree, in its memory, where it wants to satisfy the desire for peace of many wars and crimes.

Dogs are open everywhere. Black rods in every house.

In order not to forget the genocides and the burnt offerings and to give a pedagogical sense to the memory, the olive tree (Olea europaea) or which tree intend to recall the Anna girls, killed by the Jews while writing their daily teenager hidden in Palestine? In Donostia? Lyon of resistance? When is the first Palestinian Park in Euskal Herria?

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