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Busturialdea duin lan, libre bizi II

In memory of Josu Unanue.

We finish the fall, we are already in the winter. We have lived intensively in recent months in Euskal Herria in general, and in Busturialdea we have also noticed its reflection.

The street, reflecting many expressions, has been bordered to respond to various demands and problems: On the eve of the last Monday of October, Gernika mobilized 4,500 people at the demonstration called by the Stop Guggenheim Urdaibai platform.

On November 30, we organized the first general feminist strike in history in our country, putting the issue of care on the agenda and establishing an irreversible basis for a community public system. Faced with the attacks, quite clearly, in school, in sport, on the street and anywhere, we do believe, and we are angry that we do not accept complicity, we have recently mobilised 3,000 people on the streets of Gernika-Lumo.

We told the Palestinian people that we have always been and will be with him: we activate the mermaid against genocide and we ignite global consciences from the Paseo (from the Market Square in April 1937), with a strong image of solidarity. From Gernika to Palestine, from oak to olive: Long live by liberating Palestine!

With responsibility, with a collaborative vocation, with many popular sectors, we have been there, working.

Well, it wasn't the only news. The photo of this living region is in collision with the prefabricated postcard of the private elite and the partisan interest, which has been present in the media, especially in the mouth of all: They want us to implant a new Guggenheim in the biosphere of Urdaibai.

The picture of this living region is in collision with the prefabricated postcard of the private elite and partisan interest.

But the most serious thing is to mortgage the socio-economic development of the biosphere and change the coastal standard against everyone, reducing to 20 meters of the 100 meters protection zone. The most worrying thing is that the intention to put the interests of a private entity that represents the neoliberal model that we work and live in here has been clearly explained and that public money is intended to do so. The most disturbing thing is to feel above the protected ecosystem and condemn today’s young people to precariousness and the inability to access housing. It is a great irresponsibility to try to deceive the citizens of Busturialdea through a marketing campaign. No.

We will present the battle, of course. We do not want the Guggenheim Urdaibai, either in Sukarrieta at the time, or in Murueta and Gernika-Lumo now. And to win that battle, we have to take advantage of institutions, streets, workshops, schools, courts. In this regard, we support the crowdfunding campaign that the Stop Guggenheim Urdaibai platform has opened up to pay the courts and we encourage the citizens to make their financial contribution to the extent that they can.

There are resources to build a plan that addresses the real structural problems of Busturialdea and responds to the challenges of the region, and it is up to us to put at your service all the knowledge and tools we have. We must focus on the determination to acquire rights through the struggle and defend our own.

And let us insist that in Busturialdea we are the majority who opt for a model of region in which work is dignified, free life, public-community protection, strengthening Basque culture and balances with nature.

In that challenge we will be on the road.

Ibon Meñika Orue-Etxebarria, Irati Omagoieaskoa and Ion Basurko, Sortu, Ernai and LAB representing Busturialdea

Bidali zure iritzi artikuluak helbide elektronikora

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