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A Bilbain family has been without gas or electricity for 17 days because it wants to evict BBVA's real estate

  • BBVA's real estate agency has decreed the eviction of two children and their mother, charging the non-payment of the rent, but the judge has suspended the dismissal until July, claiming that the family is in a vulnerable situation. Before this, the estate commissioned Iberdrola to cut gas and electricity to his family on Christmas Day. Electricity has recovered this Tuesday.

11 January 2023 - 10:21
Last updated: 11:31

“Thanks to the social and media alarm generated by this inhuman and illegal logging that has been maintained since Christmas day,” the Stop Deshaucios platform clarifies that the real estate has managed the discharge of the new contract with Iberdrola, “late”.

Along with information on the situation in which the Bilbain family was located, the platform stressed that women were aware of payments and recalled the ban on interrupting supplies to vulnerable families.

She also explained that the property has called on women to leave the house.

Thousands of vulture families

Faced with the impossibility of paying the mortgage, the BBVA bank agreed in 2017 a social rental with the woman living in Bilbao. A year later, the bank sold to the fund Cerberus 80% of its real estate agency. In the words of Stop Etxe Layoffs, “we are denouncing the helplessness of this vulnerable family and thousands of others, as their homes and bad mortgage loans have been sold by banks at balance prices to international puthree funds.”

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