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Australian Prime Minister calls for the release of Julian Assange

  • “Enough,” said Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, in the Democracy Now! news, and called for the suspension of Julián Assange’s case. The founder of Wikileaks has been in London's Belmarsh jail for four years waiting for extradition to be tried in the United States for the publication of the war crimes documents that the latter made in Iraq and Afghanistan.

08 June 2023 - 12:51
Last updated: 16:40

In Australia, more and more politicians are advocating the suspension of the Assange case. Jen Robinson, his legal advisor since 2010, states that continuing this trial “threatens global freedom of expression,” along with press freedom. The Australian Prime Minister has made statements on Tuesday calling for the release of Assange and has shown his willingness to use diplomatic channels to end the case. The majority of the Australian population is in favour of leaving Assang prison, and both the prime minister and the opposition have expressed the same desire in the political sphere.

According to attorney Robinson, Assang's case in the United States is not strong, because the FBI has not obtained new information and the investigation therefore has no point of arrival.

In addition to the extradition request and trial, Assange’s legal team is working on many other cases: against the UK Government for providing illegal information to the US Government, against the CIA and against the Spanish company leader UC Global, in charge of security at the Ecuadorian embassy, which informed the CIA according to Robinson. He says that the Spanish police are also involved in illegal spying.

Robinson hopes that President Biden’s administration will leave office. The consultant assures that the precedent set by the case is dangerous because it threatens the freedom of the press and expression of everyone. His defence requires Assange to return to Australia.

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