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Social fictions

The song Izarren hutsa by Mikel Laboa I have brought to this column several times, because it is a lyrics filled with wisdom, a broad song about the relationship between humanity and cosmos. There is a part where poverty is mentioned: "Whoever doesn't have it knows how good it is to have it, man always lives trying to meet his needs."

In 1990, the philosopher Adela Cortina, professor of Ethics and Philosophy at the University of Valencia, created the word aporofia. I've read in Wikipedia that it's a word that comes from the Greek pores and means poor, so the word aporophobia would denote the fear of poverty. According to Adela, the real fear of human beings is that their "deficiencies" when playing with other individuals will infect us - the "shortage" among quotation marks, because it is very relative and each one is related to the place where it has grown and to the conception of the world of the collectivity that has been internalized. So we tried to avoid people's reproaches to be part of our societies. We want to leave behind our original shortcomings in order to have a good life in our society. But in human societies, to have opportunities, we have to have the consent of others, to make them understand that they have left these deficiencies behind. In short, recognition implies opportunities: work, friends, care, participation, well-being...

How and where to express that your life is good for those who can guide opportunities in your life? What can be accepted? In the last decade, many people have found a place on social media to express our utility, to share a good image of our lives. But what seemed to be an opportunity today has a new air and lately seems to be an obligation. Those who have a good life also feel the need: those who have a lot show their good opportunities and those who do not have a fiction about their life to feel part of that world. In the digital plaza we are creating the illusion that everything is going well, in the digital sphere the sociophobia is very vivid, we do not want to see poverty. Have we created social fictions to deny needs?

Bidali zure iritzi artikuluak helbide elektronikora

ARGIAk ez du zertan bat etorri artikuluen edukiarekin. Idatzien gehienezko luzera 4.500 karakterekoa da (espazioak barne). Idazkera aldetik gutxieneko zuzentasun bat beharrezkoa da: batetik, ARGIAk ezin du hartu zuzenketa sakona egiteko lanik; bestetik, egitekotan edukia nahi gabe aldatzeko arriskua dago. ARGIAk azaleko zuzenketak edo moldaketak egingo dizkie artikuluei, behar izanez gero.

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