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22 May 2024 - 14:28

We have robotized culture with the recognition of the people. We have technologized culture, leisure, we can call it technoimperialism. Television, radio, music drive, MP4, video and music are on the internet in every corner.

We can say that they are a substance free addiction, that the people have made their own and that they are tied. We are immersed in almost every social environment: bars, houses, supermarket, some factories, the car, watching mobile videos on the street. These devices are certainly abused. The consumption of these devices, which condition the sound of these devices, which seems to be human, does not develop creativity, the fact that we are watching television has a little bit of hypnotism and we are given the product, without realizing that we are dealing with a robot with an apparent humanity.

They are cheap devices and even their consumption. That is the reason for their success. In human communication, under its noise, dialogue leads to research a point of degradation. They play a psychological factor and in this society we are wrong.

Psychological factors are spreading and spreading mental illness. Reduction of natural social environments. And so we go wrong. Natural social environments are the origin of maturity and their scarcity can generate social problems, disconnections, misunderstanding, weakness of the homeland factor, activity with drugs, and, as I say, mental problems.

We need a revolution and we will get the energy we need from energy sources without those devices. Euskal Herria is not a record, Euskal Herria is not ETB1, Euskal Herria is a human being next door, something direct and real, humble and strong, not a chimera and a mirage of the device. There is no alternative but to ban them in order for humanity to prevail globally. This is a psychological drug.

Jon Otero Uribarren

Bidali zure iritzi artikuluak helbide elektronikora

ARGIAk ez du zertan bat etorri artikuluen edukiarekin. Idatzien gehienezko luzera 4.500 karakterekoa da (espazioak barne). Idazkera aldetik gutxieneko zuzentasun bat beharrezkoa da: batetik, ARGIAk ezin du hartu zuzenketa sakona egiteko lanik; bestetik, egitekotan edukia nahi gabe aldatzeko arriskua dago. ARGIAk azaleko zuzenketak edo moldaketak egingo dizkie artikuluei, behar izanez gero.

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