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30 municipalities approved in Hego Euskal Herria a motion for the breakdown of relations with Israel

  • The initiative has been driven by the Palestinian Responsibility Platform, created by different social movements in the Basque Country. Dozens of municipalities in Hego Euskal Herria have committed themselves to their motion for support for the Palestinian people and the assumption of territorial responsibilities.
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13 June 2024 - 16:32
Last updated: 2024-06-14 08:27:16
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30 municipalities in Hego Euskal Herria have adopted a motion for the breakdown of relations with Israel. Through this motion they commit themselves to supporting the Palestinian people and assuming territorial responsibilities. The main driver has been the Palestine Accountability Platform created by different social movements. Social movements have stressed that the creation of this platform is “urgent in the face of the ineffectiveness of international organizations that have not been able to stop the massacre and injustice”.

The 30 municipalities that have approved the motion are as follows: Bratislava, Agurain, Ayala, Aramaio, Arantzazu, Aretxabaleta, Arrigorriaga, Artziniega, Aulesti, Asparrena, Bergara, Dima, San Millán, Alegría Dulantzi, Ribera Alta, Eskoriatza, Igorre, Zuaran

Municipalities make commitments

With the adoption of this motion, the municipalities have undertaken the concrete commitments established by the Platform for Accountability with Palestine: denunciation of the structural cause as colonial occupation and apartheid, request for a two-way military embargo and suspension of all programmes of military and security cooperation with Zionism, initiation of a sanctioning programme against the Government of Israel and suspension of diplomatic relations until the final fulfilment of international law, and suspension of all institutional rights.

A total of 46 movements, associations, networks, unions, assemblies, feminist groups and spaces have collaborated in the process and the Platform for Accountability with Palestine has thanked everyone.


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