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Large casserole

14 June 2024 - 10:29
Zarata mediatikoz beteriko garai nahasiotan, merkatu logiketatik urrun eta irakurleengandik gertu dagoen kazetaritza beharrezkoa dela uste baduzu, ARGIA bultzatzera animatu nahi zaitugu. Geroz eta gehiago gara, jarrai dezagun txikitik eragiten.

Unconsciously, the summer solstice comes back. The Sun has reached its peak and heats our hull very well. In many places the rite of fire is celebrated and the Basques also have an ancestral tradition. In the past, the stake of San Juan was made at the ends of the mountains, but now, in the vicinity of the dwellings, in the same place of town and town or in a meadow adjacent to the town. They also do it on coastal beaches.

This habit of making fire at the summits of the mountains has made me start to do things. Mari of Basque mythology, goddess of mother earth, was riding a ball of fire from one mountain to another – from Anboto to Murumendi or to the Aralar mountains. Isn't a rite dedicated to the goddess of fertile land the habit of making fire in high places? Around the rural fire of San Juan, phrases similar to the incantations “Burn snakes and rapes, burn…” have been sung. For fear or because the bacteria didn't know them, they would create epidemics.

In addition, they prepared a beautiful spring flower bouquet, mixed with some orchard and field harvests. In the door frames of the houses or in the fields, ash twigs were also placed to protect themselves from pests. In June, we're in the month of Eki, in the summer solstice, but then comes the harvest, the harvest time. Now St. John and Mari, the grandmother's goddess, are being asked for a good harvest, because the plagues brought hunger and great misery.

The hogueras of San Juan do not turn on until they come in well at sunset, I would say shaded. In fact, fire was a substitute for the sun for ancient man. Fire makes it clear, fire warms it up, fire protects it from animals and fire prepares meals; fire is a small sun on the black night. Therefore, the best time of the sun, the summer solstice, celebrated it with fire and we celebrated it still.

Fire makes it clear, heats it, protects us from animals and prepares meals; fire is a little sun on the black night. Therefore, the best time of the sun, the summer solstice, celebrated it with fire and we still celebrate it

No, I have not forgotten the title of the document. We're here alive thanks to our largest, largest, closest star. He's what gives us life. But don't think there are no animals that live at night, in the dark. Of course there are, but they also get the waves and particles from the sun and from all the other stars. There is nothing that does not have the touch of the cosmos.

There is a large pot (a metaphor) as large as the universe, that if it is true the theory of multiple universes is enough to fit inside; a pot without limits. Everything that is in this pot, from millions of galaxies, millions of stars in each galaxy, their planets and satellites, their huge empty spaces full of energy, black holes that still have more energy, all the way to the cosmos. And we, all of us who live in this small earth -- humans, animals, with everything that's plant, etc. -- are in that pot. In this casserole is the broth, as the cartelith usually places in the bars, which permeates everything.

The presence of eternity, the initial reality, the creation of the universe itself, the depth of creation, the solidarity of eternity. The broth that comes with the casserole itself and the one that is cured, is always cured, always evolves, everything and we are all founding members. This salsa links everything it is, relates everything, there is nothing that has nothing to do with it, everything is tied, everything is cooked in the same salsa.

This is one of the clearest results of quantum science: the relationship between everything it is. But quantum science is the science of the 20th and 21st centuries. Two thousand and five hundred years in advance, the Eastern scholars informed us of this. The Greek Presocratics also talked about the relationship between things. They invented the word atom and its meaning: the smallest element that shapes everything that is.

We, again, are getting into details. Recently the moon has stood before the sun and shadowed us on this earth, and there we have been altered, giving us as the most important news in the world in all media. Greedy people are organizing for the next eclipse. How many times has that happened for millions of years when the Moon is circling our land? We should be more concerned about the rubbish we generate between the sun and the earth, the dangerous shadow that produces all kinds of solid and gaseous materials.

Do not forget that we are also part of the sun and we need it.

Iñaki Lasa Nuin

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