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The Ziburu Trade Fair begins on 2 May

  • 5 Ziburu. The Book and Disco Fair will be held on 1 June, but before, in May, four other juicy quotes will be offered in four corners of Lapurdi.
Iaz, maiatzaren 3an, Baltsan elkartean (Ziburu), solasaldi musikatua eskaini zuten Gotzon Barandiaranek eta Rafa Ruedak (Argazkia: Amets Aranguren)

One more year, the Ziburu Feria del Libro y Disco Vasco wants to go beyond the big day and has organised various cultural activities for May. The first will be held in Ziburu and the offer will then be extended to three other municipalities in Lapurdi. Actions have been organised with local actors.

The first date will be May 2 in Ziburu, Baltsan. Mirande, by director Josu Martínez, will project the draft documentary to make a film and then offer the possibility to talk to the author. On 7 May, at Bil de Azkaine, a conference was held with actor Ander Lipus and author of the book El Teatro Labirintoan-I. In Urruña, Berttoli, on May 17, with the book "The Tale is a Deceit" by Iban Zaldua, a musical reading will be performed accompanied by the musician MICE. And finally, on May 23, at the Mediateque of San Juan de Luz, Maitena Duhalde will present his thesis: Lapurdi itsas hegiko euskara.

5 Ziburu. Book and Disco Fair, June 1

The last brushes of the program are being closed the two agents behind the fair, the Baltsan association of Ziburu and ARGIA. The fifth edition will be held on June 1 and the tent installed in Plaza de Ziburu is already full: 40 publishers and record companies have registered to participate. As in previous years, book presentations and short concerts will be offered.

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Book Fair and Disco Vasco de Ziburu
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