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These are Ziburu's 5. Books to be presented at the Basque Book and Record Fair

  • On 1 June the trade fair will take place in Basque organized jointly by the Baltsan and ARGIA association, and the fifth edition is very complete. This year there will be 41 of the oldest publishers in history, and in the program there will be an event to enjoy music and literature: Do you want to know which writers will be the six book presentations? What music will play in four small concerts? Who is going to offer the spectacular for the children, who are going to act on bertso-komiki, who in the humorous monologue? This year the tribute will be paid by Daniel Landart, who will dialogue with playwright Arantxa Hirigoien at the Zubiburu round table.

20 May 2024 - 09:01
Last updated: 11:11
Argazkia: Dani Blanco.

The Plaza de Ziburu is occupied by the Basque Country for a whole day, on the first Saturday of June. The day will begin at 10:00 in the morning and every year a person who has contributed to the world of letters in Basque is paid. This year, the work of Daniel Landart, whose interview by Jenofa Berhokoirigoin on his trajectory, will be recognized, and will participate in the Zubiburu round table with Arantxa Hirigoien.

After this opening ceremony, the fair will open its doors and the Euskaltzales coming from different parts of the Basque Country will be able to discover books and records entirely in Basque and have a conversation with their authors. This year we will find more publishers and record companies than ever before under the tent that will occupy the entire plaza: 41, compared to 36 last year. Nine of them will be for the first time at the Ziburu fair: three record labels or self-producers, two magazines and four book publishers. Among all the publishers will occupy 120 meters of counter, the longest measure so far, which last year was 112 meters.

The harvest edited in 2024 will be the protagonist of the presentations that will be made in the space that will be enabled for this purpose in front of the Casa Consistorial: Mattin Martiarena will present the comic book Irritaia, Yolanda Arrieta the essay Una casa own, Idoia Torregaraik and Zaldieroa the book Microtales illustrated, the poem Mieikel Rifiak, translated by

The plaza will host music in small concerts throughout the day, where we will be able to listen live to Lumi, Bloño, Plane and Pelax.

At 11:00 the company Kiribil will make a children's room in the Old Fountain. And for the enjoyment of ears and eyes of all ages who like to play with words and images, at 12:30 hours dryers Mattin and Amane Apalategi and bertsolaris Maddi Ane Txoperena and Maddi Sarasua will offer a show of bertsos and Bozoka drawings. At 15:30 Txiki will enliven the desk with his monologue 40 years and downhill.

The beach of Ziburu, for those who love all these live performances hooks, is to enjoy the books and records we have just purchased.

The organizers of the fair have published the reading "Euskara ala ezkara".

The 2024 fair poster by Adur Larrea:


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