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Micek will put music to the collection of stories "The Tale is Misleading" on Friday in Urruña, on the occasion of the Azoka

  • The Trade Fair organised by ARGIA is already in place in cooperation with the actors around Ziburu. The next appointment will be on 17 May in Berttoli (Urruña). I'm a hoax to a musical literary quote organized in collaboration with the Euskaraz Bizi group of the local ikastola.
'Mice' Miren Narbaiza eta Iban Zaldua, irakurtaldi musikatua eskaintzen ari. Argazkia: Karrikiri

16 May 2024 - 15:58
Last updated: 17:09

The story is a deception, published by Iban Zaldua in 2022, a new collection of long stories that can be classified almost as short novels. With the music of the artist Mice, the couple brings to light the creation with the creation of the same name. The next stop will take place this Friday at 19:00 in Berttoli (Urruña). All this in the context of the Fair organized on the occasion of the Fair of Ziburu.

The fair is the novelty of this year in the framework of the fair organized jointly by the Baltsan and ARGIA association: throughout the previous month there are quotes about the creation and the Basque. These proposals are organized in collaboration with the agents of the Ziburu area, including the group of readers of Azkain, AEK of Bizi and Donibane Lohizune in Euskera of the ikastola de Urruña.

For the fifth time the Ziburu book and album fair has passed on June 1 in Ziburu. This year he will pay tribute to Daniel Landart, a prolific cultural author who thanks all he has contributed to Basque culture for 60 years.

This is 41 publishers, most of the history, who will occupy 120 meters of exhibitor with music and reading in Basque, and in the program for half an hour you will be able to enjoy some of the activities: six book presentations, four small concerts – Lumi, Bloño, Pelax and Plane -, spectacular children, a session of bertsos and drawings, a show of humor or others.

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