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Twelve people are investigating a protest against the CAF-Trenasa in Castejón

  • They must declare Tuesday in Tudela as investigated. Through the tramway network being built in Palestine, CAF is "participating in the colonization of the Zionist entity".
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21 May 2024 - 07:00

The Solidarity with Palestine platform reports that 12 people are investigated as a result of a protest action against the CAF company. The mobilisation took place on 25 January at the CAF-Trenasa plant in Castejón (Navarra), which was noted for its cooperation with the Zionist State of Israel, as well as in other workplaces in the Basque Country.

People under investigation will have to declare Tuesday in Tudela (Navarra) from 10:00 a.m. They appear to have to declare it for the time being as an investigator, accused of a possible crime related to the production of damage. At 10:00, Solidarity with Palestine calls for a concentration before the Court of Tudela.

The people they are going to declare have explained that CAF is building a tramway network on Zion-occupied Palestinian lands that will unite the Zionist colonies of Jerusalem and the West Bank "facilitating the mobility of settlers". During this construction process, the Palestinians are being violently expelled from the land through which the tramway network passes.

They therefore denounce that this company is also "participating in the colonization of the Zionist entity" and that "the existence of Israel is possible thanks to this type of collaboration": "if it did not have the support of Western companies and institutions, it could not continue. Therefore, one of the greatest contributions we can make to the Palestinian people is to denounce such companies." The Palestinian Elkartasuna platform called last Saturday in Pamplona (Navarra) to "multiply the fight against Zionism and its collaborators".

The benefit of CAF increased by 16% in the first quarter of the year, with 23 million euros more than in the previous quarter.


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