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Breaking the flame does not turn the fire off

Argazkia: La Vérité pour Adama / L. Gayer

18 July 2023 - 05:38
Last updated: 07:47

The one under the police is Yssoufou Traore. Specifically, Adama's brother, killed in 2016 by the French police. They're landed, blocked with the knee. Oroit George Floyd? The police died in that position. Yssoufou's brother also died in the same position. It's a photograph taken after the demonstration to ask justice and reparation. Arrest and police station. From police station to hospital. He lodges a complaint. Once again calling for justice.

Eleven days after the murder of the adolescent by Nahel Merzou police. During a lockdown, the police shot dead. No bad thing that someone who went around recorded the moment. Otherwise, Alhoussein would remain like Camara, a murder of an unresolved police force, and an unrecognised injustice for his relatives. Alhoussein Camara was killed in police control 15 days before his death by Nahel Merzou. The French police are in favour of the law: by escaping control, it can channel a legitimate defence in the conviction that its life is in danger. The police will be able to end the life of the gunshot pum. In the French state, a black and an Arab is twenty times more controlled than a white. That is what the state institution Defenseur des droits says, which is rights-oriented. What is the feeling of being in the grip of getting stuck? For example, gunshot pum. The independent media Solo has just published its number: The French police shot 26 citizens dead last year. Read the testimonies of Banlieue or popular neighborhoods, and it's significant that those who say, "With listening to Nahel's story, I thought it could be my little brother." Because the controls of the Armed Police are the daily bread of all the brothers, sisters and sisters of the French working-class neighborhoods.

Life takes place in these burned neighborhoods. He who lit the fire is now breathing burning odor and knows perfectly well that day to day will remain the same for him. Akim 1979; Toumi 1983; Ibrahim 1994; Zyed and Bouna in 2005; Theo 2017; Nahel 2023… Name of the police dead and year of the rebellion. So we can complete a story of banlieue. Fires serve to worship us with the reality of the marginalized and forgotten in these neighborhoods. Remind them that they are there, unemployed, in a shortage of public services, far from the artistic offer, between discrimination, in distress and in the objective of systemic racism within the police.

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