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The Ertzaintza attack on a citizen in Irun angry cause

  • A video posted on Friday morning on social media shows how a person discusses with a group of cops and ertzainas. At one point, one of the Ertzaines throws him to the ground with a heavy blow and then left on the ground. The video was recorded in the San Miguel de Irún district, as confirmed by ARGIA. ARGIA spoke to the Ertzaintza.

10 May 2024 - 11:00
Last updated: 12:42

A video released on Friday morning shows how an ertzaina attacks a person. With a hard hit without realizing someone was recording, throw the people to the ground, feel for once! while screaming in Spanish (Shut up now, pussy!)

In a few seconds, a dozen local police and ertzaines have left in cars, leaving the person lying on the ground.

ARGIA contacts the Ertzaintza office in Irun to inform him that they will not make any statement because they are analyzing the video. "We don't know when the video is or what's happened, so we're not going to make any statement until things get clear," they say.

The Irun Municipal Police have also been contacted and no statements have been made.

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The ertzaina who attacked a man in Irun is currently impeached for investigating the facts
The agent of the Ertzaintza who beat the man is dismissed with precautionary measures and the Internal Affairs Unit of the Ertzaintza investigates the facts. The attitude of the police officers present at that time is also being studied.

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