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20 June 2023 - 00:12
Last updated: 16:16

In recent days, Enrique Maya has awarded the underground parking of the Plaza de la Cruz de Pamplona, whose works will begin in summer. Also the demolition work, among other things, by the felling of beautiful trees that give air to the plaza. When your shadow and absorption of C02 are more necessary than ever. With the objective of providing underground housing to 340 authors.

This is yet another example of development, but the decision is aggravated by the time, not least because in the medium term the number of cars will not be a problem in cities: less and less are produced, fewer new cars are sold and the electric car will never be able to replace the number of cars today. According to the General Traffic Directorate DGT of Spain, at the end of 2021 there were 24.96 million cars in the State, of which only electric cars 79.000. It is impossible to reach that figure in twelve years. The flexibility, the 2035 limit for building fossil cars, is there back.

Except for UPN, the municipal opposition in Pamplona is entirely against this project. But it will be done by the PSN and so on with eleven other projects. Everything from the PSN veto to EH Bildu. Many believe that it should pay the PSN with the same currency in the Government of Navarra. Of course, dreaming of the corralito times, this possibility excites as nothing the leader of UPN, Javier Esparza, and the Abertzale left has long been eroding this construction so that it now gives up. So? At the moment, EH Bildu parliamentarians will have to abstain, giving way to the government of María Chivite. But how long?

The current strategy of EH Bildu is being fruitful in collecting votes, more or less throughout Hego Euskal Herria. But, winning, the PNV, PSOE and PP block is much stronger, it was seen when Gipuzkoa ruled in 2011-2015, and it is still seen. This incites to deepen pragmatism in search of larger majorities, but on its broad front not the entire federalist Left.

So how can we continue to expand and expand the road, blurring that path, without piety or agitation of the black holes in the current system? It's the trauma you experience when the left approaches the heavens. It can be assumed that if he had obtained 3,000 more votes, Joseba Asirón would be mayor of Pamplona. Then, next September the trees of the Plaza de la Cruz would still stand, and the mayor and Laura Aznal could reflect in their sweet shade.

In any case, now and here it does not seem that the historic dilemma of the left has a tender solution. The knot will have to be dropped around the disasters that come to us and the thrust of the right tip, but anyone knows for whom. And in that, the world of the street and work will be as decisive as the institutions, if we will not swallow the black hole again.

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