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Enemies, friends

  • In countries where EH Bildu has been the first force, and where PP or PSN could remove the mayor, Spanish parties have put their means to do so. The PSN facilitates the mayor of UPN, for example in Pamplona, with a blank vote. The PP has supported the PNV in Durango and the PSE-EE in Vitoria. The Popular Party has warned from central Madrid: “The PP will try to leave EH Bildu out of all possible governments, they will not govern in Gipuzkoa.”

19 June 2023 - 12:30
Last updated: 18:35

At the state level, but at the regional level, when they compete with nationalist parties, their hand is tightened perfectly. The PSN has endorsed and two to leave EH Bildu without mayor in the municipalities of Navarra: In the Valley of Egüés and Estella, the PSN is facilitated by the mayor of UPN with a blank vote, even in Pamplona. Socialist Elma Saiz left the town square between jokes and cries, accompanied by escorts. So the Spanish socialists and the rightwing regionalists together.

In Durango, for its part, with a move elaborated with a great strategy have managed to remove the mayor's office to EH Bildu, which has been the most voted force; it has been especially decisive that the PP supports the PNV – of course, the numbers allowed it, because the separate presentation of the Elkarrekin platform has also meant a loss of seats for the left block. However, the PP strategy has been fully orchestrated since Madrid: Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, from the right hand of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who was advisor to Aznar as president of Spain, presented himself in the lists of Durango in the municipal elections. It was symbolic, but it was designed. Saturday was in Durango, “great holiday”, according to El “The party was based on the removal of EH Bildu from the largest institution that has ruled so far.”

On Saturday, after the municipal formations, the councillor of the PP of Durango, Carlos García, on the shoulders; on the right, with sunglasses, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez. Photo: The Journal

Nothing was decided in Labastida either.

The three councillors of the Labastida PNV have left the party, in disagreement with the decision taken from the headquarters of the PNV. The mayor's office has remained in the hands of the PP because the PNV did not appear in the city hall, it was not presented because it was ordered by the Araba Buru Batzar or the Euskadi Buru Batzar. EH Bildu announced his support for the PNV, and so the numbers gave him to be a nationalist mayor.

Jeltzale Edu Barinaga, candidate for mayor, resigned on Thursday for the party veto. On Saturday, in the formation of government, the three councillors of the PNV resigned. They denounce “disgust and impotence”.

Labastida by Gipuzkoa?

The bureau of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa is due to be set up and will then be elected as a general Member. It will be a technical draw between the EH blocks Bildu Elkarrekin Podemos and PNV-PSE-EE, and the PP, with three members, will have to decide who to support.

We have heard PP President Núñez Feijoo at the weekend saying that the “effective force” that EH Bildu is emerging from governments is theirs, it is popular, and that in Gipuzkoa it will prevent the sovereign from coming to government. Therefore, the PP will in one way or another support the candidacy of the PNV, we will have to see if there is a deal and how. PP Member Mikel Lezama has publicly requested that the management of the sports department be left to them.

Gernika: Fort of the Gorroño

José María Gorroño gets married in a campaign atmosphere with what seemed an enemy. The PNV candidate since 2007 has met his brother Iñaki Gorroño. It is clear that in Gernika-Lumo there is no feud of one party or another: It is the feud of the Gorillas and what matters the least is the name of the parties.

The first mayor was presented in the EA lists, later in the EH Bildu lists, and along with the PNV in recent years. But lately the relationship between Gorroño and the nationalists has been very rarefied, and in the end the PNV presented its list to the votes, and Gorroño his, under the name of Pueblo para Todos. The poor relationship between the two forces has been very evident in the election campaign, the desire to repress themselves, the exclusion and the inability to be seen, among other things, if one of the recent comrades in pre-election talks did not appear the other.

EH Bildu won the highest number of votes, the independent candidacy of Gorroño remained very little, and a little later the PNV. The environment was so hot that the PNV was expected to support the GH platform, but it did not seem to be an “assent without more”. And so it has been. The ED will have the mayor, but only for one month. José María Gorroño, the baton of command to pass on to the nationalists, who takes his brother Iñaki Gorroño. In any case, the so far mayor Gorroño will become his brother’s “trusted councilor”, who will go to the background.

PP-PSOE agreements: not only in Hego Euskal Herria

Xavier Trias, who presented himself on behalf of Junts in the City Hall of Barcelona, obtained the highest number of votes. The mayor was about to repeat, almost fermenting the throne, until there was an unexpected last-minute movement. The PSC candidate, Jaume Collboni, first obtained the support of the violet party and his refusal to enter the government was sufficient to count on the support of the PP.

La Vanguardia journalists have already confirmed that in the offices of Madrid it was decided who would be the mayor of Barcelona. According to them, the general coordinator of the PP called the PSOE on the same electoral night to assess the casuistry of Barcelona.

The PP joins the PSOE with the greatest enemy, "on its own initiative". Attention should therefore be paid to the speeches by us and 23 July: The PSOE declares itself as an alternative to nationalist, nationalist and independentist parties, as the main left-wing option. Obviously, in both Gipuzkoa and Barcelona, if not for the PP, the local forces would govern the institutions. The alternative will now try to dye itself right and blue.

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