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Opening of the energy office at Hernani House of Power in Iturola

  • Energy advice to citizens and companies of Hernani.
F. Arruabarrena, Patxi Ibarguren, Libe Sologaistua eta Ainara Atorrasagasti. (Kronika)
Artikulu hau CC BY-SA 3.0 lizentziari esker ekarri dugu.

07 December 2023 - 07:12

The Hernani Energy Office was opened yesterday at the House of Empowerment of Hernani in Iturola and aims to serve both citizens and Hernani companies in the energy field. Environmental councillor Ainara Atorrasagasti, local development councillor Patxi Ibarguren, energy technique, Libe Sologaistua, and Enherkome technician Fermin Arruabarrena participated yesterday in the presentation.

The Energy Office will advise the citizens of Hernani and companies on energy-related issues such as energy bills, the energy community and associations, subsidies, energy rehabilitation, renewable technologies, energy efficiency of buildings or energy vulnerability. Education and awareness-raising will also be promoted.

The energy office will provide on-site, telephone or email support. To do so, Tuesdays and Thursdays will open in hours of morning and afternoon, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00 and Wednesdays only in the morning.

Last year 444 citizens were served and EUR 300 000 was saved

Last year the energy office remained open for six months (November to April). Cooperation between the City Hall and Enherkomen will be followed up. “During this time, 444 citizens were served,” said Fermín Arruabarrena. 80% older than 45 years and 70% women and 30% men. ‘The data show that in Hernani concern and advice on energy is one of the things to be done is to reach out to the citizens and to the youngest’.

Most consulted on the energy bill, but also on the energy efficiency of the building, the energy community or renewable technologies.

The advice provided has made it possible to calculate a saving of EUR 300,000 on the gas and electricity bill among these citizens.

Pilot work with Hernani Business and Hospitality

The City Hall and Enherkome have launched a pilot project to improve energy consumption and adjust the bill to reality.

Throughout this year, a study has been carried out on the energy consumption of nine commercial and hotel establishments of various kinds, which have received advice to optimize their consumption by Enherkom.

Savings of €18,032 (23.95% of the total) have thus been achieved.

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