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Confederate transition

09 December 2023 - 07:59
Last updated: 2023-12-11 10:19:41

Relations between the Basques and Castilla and the present Spain have not been tender. The conquest of the Basque territories that began in 1200 from Vitoria has left us over the centuries many bloody episodes. Thousands of people killed in the conquest of Navarre and in the Carlist wars demonstrate the historical resistance of the Basques so that our lands would not be left to others. The last massive bloody episode is the uprising organized by General Mola in 1936. Franco gave him continuity and the fascist system he established lasted until 1975. In the Basque Country, Franco killed thousands of citizens, forced thousands of others to travel abroad and abolished the autonomy of the three newly established countries in the West.

After Franco’s disappearance, the fundamental pillars of the fascist system remained intact and the new democracy emerged contaminated. Thousands of people were tortured and killed in police stations and on the street. They even went on to carry out a military uprising that seemed impossible in the European Union - the tanks go out into the street and shoot in Parliament - with one single objective: that the birds should not leave the cage laid by Madrid. They formed a terrorist group to work in the Basque Country with state resources. The Basques tried to desiccate the sources of information that we generated from the Basque Country. Many of those who were then young today, older, are still in prison without piety, although times have changed radically. The Basque is constantly cut off. The best athletes close their doors to compete with the best in the world against Basque colors... What empathy will the Basques have with that Spain One and Grande?

Suppose President Sánchez makes a strategic commitment to a multi-national state. Suppose we agreed on a phase of transition to independence in the Basque Country. How would we combine them?

Spain only produces agile, bitter and salty feelings, always far from candy. We locked ourselves in the cage, unable to freely shake the wings. We want to break the chains with Madrid, but in the short term it is difficult. Is it possible to take steps in that direction? Suppose that facing blue Spain, red Spain, led by President Pedro Sánchez, wants to make a strategic bet with those who call the periphery to form a plurinational state. Suppose we consider it appropriate to agree a phase of transition to independence in the Basque Country. How would we reconcile both positions? Federalism, which would offer us the same level of autonomy as today, is not enough. We should turn to the confederal model so that the balance of powers is unbalanced in our favour.

Confederal model

The Confederation is the meeting point between sovereign states to defend the same interests. Therefore, our case would not be entirely in this sense, because Euskal Herria is not an independent state. But we are very anxious about that independence and as in the coming months we have to start negotiating with the Spanish President, it would be good if we looked in the medium-long term. It's the time to risk, betting on a qualitative leap. No rush, but firmly. Firmly demonstrating that we are moving towards sovereignty.

Following the model of the Confederation, on the one hand, issues of a state level that would not be affected by the convention would be defined: State institutions (monarchy, senate...), nationality, foreign policy, surveillance of state borders, monetary system... Moreover, in determining the competences that would correspond to the Basque territories, we would call in full for education, health, security, social security, linguistic policy on the Basque Country, the management of workers’ rights, the guarantee of prisoners’ rights, culture and sport (including selections) and consultations with all citizens, the administration of all kinds of justice, culture and sport, etc.

The four provinces of the South would have the right of association recognised in a single statute of autonomy. On the other hand, when we talk about security, we are talking about the fact that in our territory there would only be police dependent on the Basque institutions, and that army barracks would collapse because we want to be a demilitarised country.

All this would not take us to independence, but it would take us to the portal of the independent house. A popular consultation would be held to complete the process. Quebeci (1980 and 1995) and Scotland (2014) were recognised with the same legitimacy.

This is the key that can open the cage door and allow us to fly like a free bird. Difficult access. What we will ever achieve.

Juan Mari Beloki Kortexarena

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