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These are the Argia 2024 Communication Awards in Basque Country

  • This year we have presented five prizes: the audiovisual prize for Bizkarsoro, the Sahara press prize. Book A People in Resistance, Auditory Award We don't come from Paris to podcast, internet award to the graphic file and award for the best communication campaign to the Guggenheim Urdaibai Stop platform. More than a hundred people have met at the Atxega Palace in Usurbil.
Behean, ezkerretik eskuinera: Arkaitz Artola, Juanpe Urrosolo, Kristina Berasain, Josu Martinez, Hibai Castro eta Amagoia Gurrutxaga. Goian, ezkerretik eskuinera: Fernando Olalde, Katti Pochelu, Harkaitz Cano, Itsaso Zaldunbide, Eider Gotxi eta Zuriñe Gandarias. Dani Blanco / ARGIA CC BY-SA

26 January 2024 - 15:05
Last updated: 20:35

This was the 35th edition and the awards were given at the Atxega Palace in Usurbil. Over a hundred people have gathered around a great meal; people from the Basque media, cultural agents of the Basque Country, Euskaltzales and other representatives of the Basque culture. Around a table, we have had eight ARGIA subscribers among guests since 1975.

The awards ceremony took place after the meal and the winners received a trophy created by the sculptor Antton Mendizabal. This year, clicking on more information:

Audiovisual Prize: Bizkarsoro, film directed by Josu Martínez on the Basque identity and repression of the Basque country.

Press prize: The Sahara. A people in resistance, a book written by Kristina Berasain Tristan on the conflict in Western Sahara.

Auditory Prize: We didn't come from Paris, Lanartean's cultural podcast.

Internet Prize:, popular project of the graphic archive of the Donostiarra neighborhood of Egia.

Award for the best campaign: Prize to the platform for the work done against the Guggenheim Urdaibai Stop museum they want to build in Urdaibai.

Nearby ARGIA community

Since last year, the sisters Haizea and Oihana Arana have presented the awards. Just find out who is going to receive the prize, interview the five protagonists.

Subscribers who are protecting ARGIA for many years have been invited for the second time. In 2023, eight Atxega Palace subscribers have been subscribers for half a century. This year, Lasarte-Oria has had eight other members of the ARGIA community present since 1975: María Pilar Aizpurua, Ana Barandiaran, Pake Garzia, Alberto Agirreazaldegi, Gregorio Jauregi, Mila Etxeberria, Andoni Sarriegi and Arantxa Galparsoro.

Resist and sow

Like every year, the ARGIA team offered a speech on this special day and spoke on behalf of all Urko Apaolaza Avila. It emphasizes the support of the ARGIA community, which for the eighth consecutive year subscriptions have increased and that 40% of the ARGIA project budget comes from the financial contribution of ARGIA members.

Apaolaza has also come to the international eye and brought Gaza to the table. It recalls that Israel has killed more than 25,000 Palestinians. He says that from the outset in ARGIA we had made it clear that we had to tell what is happening in Palestine and denounce the accomplices of Israel.

The ARGIA worker has also denounced the harassment of journalists: He reminded Pablo González and Jesús Rodríguez, the 112 journalists killed in Gaza and the members of the Guatemalan Community Press.

Beyond maintaining the threats, it exposes the alternatives that ARGIA is working on. It is the newly created Doinuele network, the Amillubi project and the eco-edited books of ARGIA.

Read the full conference here.

We thank the following sponsors of this event:

Provincial Council of Bizkaia


Basque Government, Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy

Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa


Labor Fund

Government of Navarra. Euskarabidea, Instituto Navarro del Euskera

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