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230,000 people took the streets during the M8 feminist strike in the Basque Country

  • The Basque Country Feminist Movement has given its first evaluation of the day. They underline that it was "a complete success", as can be seen in the photographs. They see the strike's success as turning point, and say it is time to take real measures "once and for all". According to the feminist movement, 230,000 women demonstrated in the Basque Country on the day.

Miren Osa Galdona @Mirentx_U
2018ko martxoaren 16a

They say that there are many reasons to see the day as a success. Amongst other things, women have made it clear that they have the "strength and muscles" to defend themselves.  "In the Basque Country on March 8th most women made it clear that we want a feminist model of society". They also criticised the Basque Right's attitude: "With their usual ambiguity they showed us what they're prepared to do". That party's usual 15-minute meeting is a long way from making a commitment to equality, they say, and ask the party to name valid negotiators.

Although proposals for transforming society have long been suggested, the feminist movement criticises politicians in power for not having paid any attention to that. They request that the authorities implement measures which can be taken in the short-term. For instance, finishing with sub-contracting and precariousness in female-dominated sectors.

The movement has underlined the visibility which carers have achieved as a result of the strike. They say that "conflicts which had been invisible" have appeared as a result of women standing up for themselves, and this will serve to "change collective awareness and habits".

The feminist movement has also underlined the fact that March 8th was international: "In opposition to the heteropatriarchal, capitalist, racist and colonial system, this has served to take a step towards creating an anti-hegemonical network." They have also applauded the proclamations made and demonstrations held all over the world.


This article was translated by 11itzulpen; you can see the original in Basque here.

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