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Errigora: Navarrese asparagus to promote Basque

  • Errigora has started its annual campaign in favour of producing food and consuming it in the Basque Country under the slogan "Five years feeding what we love". Five years have gone by since they started the initiative. They use part of the profits which they make from selling local products in the south of Navarre (Basque Country) to promote Basque.

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(Photo: Errigora)

Errigora has started this year's campaign. Baskets full of food from the south of Navarre will be sold throughout the Basque Country and help to give Basque economic support "in an area in which it is not official". Orders can be placed from 7th to 22nd March on  or using the printed forms which are available in many places.

“This is our small contribution to limiting carbon footprint, respecting the landscape and keeping the economy local; using auzolana (the Basque word for work carried out by the whole community), we reduce distances between producers and consumers by agreeing prices which suit both groups", say the members of Errigora. They go on to say that this year "new bridges" are going to be built between farmers and workers.

This is the fifth year the initiative has been held, and in total more than 240,000 litres of olive oil and 700,000 pots of vegetables have been distributed. In 2018, for instance, more than 13,000 baskets were delivered and over the five-year period 800,000 Euros have been ear-marked for helping promote Basque in the south of Navarre.

It has not yet decided in which towns to hold the campaign in this year. "We are taking small steps for decisions about our food system to be up to us, and we do this by weaving together a network based on voluntary work", they explain.

There will be two novelties to this year's campaign. They are going to offer rice for the first time, and T-shirts too. They offer different types of food: ecological asparagus, fried tomato, vegetable hotchpotch and piquant peppers, amongst other things. Click here for details about the campaign.


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