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The October Revolution begins, with special impact on Eibar, Arrasate and the Left Margin of Bizkaia

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05 October 1934,

A revolutionary general strike was launched in the Spanish State and the government proclaimed the war situation. The Asturian workers completed the militias and managed to control almost the entire territory, profitable the homes of the Civil Guard in the mining regions. This is how the Asturian Revolution started.

The Socialists called the revolutionary strike because the right entered the government and the path of parliamentarism was exhausted. In Asturias it was where he had the most strength, with anarchists and communists. The Government stalled the attempted revolution, causing thousands of deaths and detainees.

In the Basque Country, particularly in Eibar, Arrasate and the Left Margin of Bizkaia, the strike was supported.


The Eibar strikers occupied almost all the town, including the town hall and the train station. However, they could not overcome the resistance of some workshops and the civil guard. These, with reinforcements from neighbouring villages, took refuge in the barracks. The biggest shootings occurred on October morning and five people died (four revolutionaries and a guard). The same morning, Carlist leader Carlos Larrañaga was murdered from the church on the street. Guipuzkoan Civil Governor Emeterio Muga launched a plan to end the Eibar rebellion: Carry guards from Donostia-San Sebastian and Bilbao in armoured vehicles equipped with machine guns and two infantry companies from Vitoria.

In addition, the civilian guards made several outings and surprised the revolutionaries. Thus, guards and soldiers entered in the afternoon in the village and socialist leader Toribio Etxebarria negotiated the surrender of the rebelled workers.

About 170 Eiwards were tried in war councils for participating in the rebellion.

Bilbao and Left Margin

From 5 to 11 October there were 16 deaths, 15 strikers and one shopkeeper. The merchant was killed by a piquet during a discussion with the intention of opening the store. In Portugalete there were three deaths, two workers and a civil guard.

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