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ETB broadcast of the first episode of the 'Goenkale' series

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03 October 1994,

ETB broadcast of the first episode of Goenkale. The series, which began with clashes between the Lasa brothers, lasted 22 seasons, with a total of 3,708 episodes.

The vicissitudes of the people of Arralde, which were invented, were very successful among the Basques and, to measure them, carried out a sociological study: With a sample of 700 people, they concluded that 70% of vasco-speakers saw Goenkale in the first season. Most were women and the most well-known characters were Joxe Mari, Maria Luisa and Txapas. It got a hearing fee of 12 percent.

The last episode was released on 28 December 2015. It has been the longest series in the history of the Basque Country and the second in Europe.

Watch the intro in the video.


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