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Barcelona International Airport Block by Tsunami Democràtic

years ago
Milaka lagunek Bartzelonako nazioarteko aireportua blokeatu zuten urriaren 14an, Tsunami Democràtic mugimenduak deituta. Victor Serri / La Directa

14 October 2019,

Blockade of the international airport of Barcelona, called by the Tsunami Democràtic movement. That morning the Spanish ruling against the Catalan independence leaders was known, and after months of warming the environment, the message “all to the airport!” was generated through a mobile application. Assembled thousands of people, they collapsed the airport's roads and canceled 155 flights. Besides causing great economic damage to AENA, the fight was internationalized. Throughout the week there were hundreds of initiatives and incidents in central Barcelona.


Zigor Oleaga and Lander Arbelaitz begin the Second Rebellion (ARGIA, 21 October 2019).

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