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The Wonderful Spider Web Trance

Kaiola festibala | Non-noiz:  Galdakaoko Torrezabal Kultur Etxean,
ekainaren 3an. / Argazkia: Eider Iturriaga
Kaiola festibala | Non-noiz: Galdakaoko Torrezabal Kultur Etxean, ekainaren 3an. / Argazkia: Eider Iturriaga

The music that is made at the edges has room in our environment. It is evident in the seventh edition of Kaiola Festibala. Not only because of the long and exuberant history of this festival, but also because of the variety of people we approach it from different points in the Basque Country. The auditorium of the Casa de Cultura Torrezabal was elegant and dark to enjoy the menu that the organizers had prepared.

The festival started quite punctual and that is to be welcomed. She started Maria W Horn, and for three quarters of an hour she played with our perceptions. Using synthesizers as a tool, he created and immersed us in beautiful sonic spaces. Capped volume prevented escape from the Swedish spider network. It is not necessary either, because inside the sensations, both physical and mental, were a great pleasure.

Although the second proposal was more difficult to digest, the public enjoyed the performance of the saxofist Mette Rasmuss. He offered us a good dose of Free Jazz and left us a full mouth with the mastery of the instrument and space. For him, it should not be easy to engage with the help of the saxo and defend his proposal, but he largely passed the test.

Hackedepicciotto's concert started without giving time for a quick dinner. The couple from Berlin are very veteran. Danielle de Picciotto is a well-known artist and Alexander Hacke started playing in the Neubauten group from a very young age. Between them they have elaborated a beautiful proposal that builds empirical, psychedelic and powerful landscapes with each song.

Sarah Davachi stood with the organ in a corner behind the table. It was a choice according to its minimalist proposal and I think it was right. He played a note and he played and created on it, entering all of us in a trance situation. More than the soundtrack of the unconscious's inner journey, the guided rite was Canadian acting.

The event ended with the election of Attila Csihar. Belonging to the Mayhem group was quite attractive. There was a lot of expectation around the Void Ov Voices project that I was going to present and that looks like a ritual. The first minutes of this occult liturgy were also interesting, especially the one he created with the play of the voice drew attention, but in the end it became repetitive and boring. More like a parodious and crazy than artistic performance. A pity, which eventually left us with a bittersweet taste.

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Aritz Colio (HTX)
“Hatortxu amaituko da, baina elkartasuna eta auzolanaren bidean gure aletxoa jartzen jarraituko dugu”

Bi edizio baino ez zaizkio geratzen elkartasun jaialdiari. Antolakuntzak iragarri bezala, ohiko jaialdia eginen dute abenduaren 28an, eta 2025eko uztailean lau eguneko jaialdi berezi baten ostean, agur esateko une gazi-gozoa helduko da. Aritz Colio Hatortxuko antolakuntzako... [+]

2024-06-11 | ARGIA
Hatortxu Rock is definitely dismissed in 2025 with its 30th edition
In December 2024 and July 2025, the last two editions of the music festival will be held, focusing on solidarity with Basque political prisoners, refugees and deportees. “Huye Hatortxu but to give way to new tools.”

2024-03-15 | Iñigo Satrustegi
Dementors and boomers in Villava


WHEN: February 23.

PLACE: Sala Totem de Villava.


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Walls of music

The last crusade, the last pleasure, the last sigh... The repertoire of Basque music dedicated to the last is prolific. The latter, moreover, gains added value when it cannot be predicted, even if groups are increasingly measured when and how to say goodbye.

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Porrusalda and gait

Mefsst! Feminist musical revolt

WHEN: 24 February

WHERE: Hiruputzu youth centre in Zarautz


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