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Once there were some mistakes...

Willis Drummondeko taldekideak, kontzertua amaitu berritan, jendea agurtzen. Jon Iraundegi

Dismissed by Willis Drummond

Where: Casa de Cultura de Intxaurrondo, San Sebastián

When: 5 January

Guests: Zetkin, Elvis Caino DJ, Indez DJ and Zumitren DJ.


... we will ever say. Go see him, but no longer. On 5 January in Donostia the farewell of a long break in the House of Culture of Intxaurrondo, full of five hundred people. There is no doubt that the level offered by Willis Drummond and his ability to provide energy is very limited, and that has been shown in the farewell concert, because the lucky ones we were public got up the walls. Lucky or reward speed, all tickets that ran out two months earlier, not yet saying they had the last concert.

They weren't present at the Durango Fair, and then they realized they would leave the tables. It shows how they have acted during these years, without falling into eccentricities. On the day of this last concert, the journalist of the newspaper Berria, Leire Casamajou, announced his plan for the other occasion, Jurgi Ekiza made some statements of reflection. He said that the groups that increase most today dominate marketing and the business world, and that it is difficult to widen the one that does not have that "entrepreneurial spirit." They looked limited. But within those limits, there are a lot of people who come together. In Intxaurrondo, for example. The analogue capabilities stand out in Willis Drummond's concert: strength, closeness to the public, energy, ability to transmit joy, pleasure... Simple and authentic things in the world of distortions. At the entrance of the room not always the merch: only two simple shirts, white and black, now in liquidation. Instead, some people have been starting to make baby bodys, cups, jerseys, etc., and turn the image of music into video. Or say it's the last concert, cover all the spotlights for eleven months, make sold out in broth. Decisions that don't fit in Willis' ways.

They say everything is for writing... So it's Willis who writes something in Basque music. In its nineteen years, the Bayonese have published nine albums. Within two years, the first two, and one year later, A or B, chained the disc demasa. When is it after having made tumatxes, appreciated by the audience of Intxaurrondo? or the hymn of several crews over the water. Then, the excitement provoked by the invitation of the Karlos Osinaga Tournament for the song Anai... There is no need for more reason to give people a leap. “It gives everything, it’s the last songs, then it doesn’t repent,” said Bassist Xan. People treated him. Today's mobiles were barely seen in the room.

“I wanted to be rich / but I won’t be,” they said in the song of opening the second album. If we measure wealth in money, right. But look in other ways. And it gives for life, like we did in Intxaurrondo, at the expense of Willis' savings, with a pacifier.

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