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Dementors and boomers in Villava

15 March 2024 - 10:00


WHEN: February 23.

PLACE: Sala Totem de Villava.


We had no doubt that Pello Reparaz and his band prepared the show, the question was how it was. The first three concerts of Aaztiyen tour in Villava –(sic.) In Navarre, where?– and in two of them, sold out.

The new show picks up Zetak's new album and songs created in another four years. But above all, the sounds and image of the new work have prevailed in the concert. From the beginning, the echo of the sounds of the bells (at the beginning we also starred the bell and took a small scare) seems to indicate that at any time it will start with the voices of Neomak To forget the songs… But not. Same with the song Deskontrola. Start right and leave it half to recover at the end. I am not particularly in favour of such pullouts.

Lights also play a role in emission. One song in yellow, one in orange, one in purple, all in shadows and counterclockwork. The silhouette of Reparaz can be seen increasingly in dance, now more androgynous, now in more masculine steps. Sometimes, when the light was Cyclist, I will not deny that it reminded us of Slytherine's dementors. I have thought a lot about the needs and production of the technical resources of the concert. And I'm actually guessing that the cube effect laser used in the previous tours as well will not be cheap and, of course, you have to depreciate. The effect is in itself.

He has paid special attention to the age group of Totem attendees: from younger to boomers. Especially the latter. It also draws attention to how images are recorded horizontally. Modern yes, but not adapted to networks. One clarification is that the images are recorded and extracted vertically for Instagram stories. That's not why.

Aaztiyen is a concept plagued by symbolism and gestures. A new dimension of folklore. What you drink from traditions, and traditions are the same: popular customs. And the people, if you can tell it, today want dance and tech. Bring the arbizuarras by the hand. Tastes.

I saw them in the middle of one of the first postpandemic juerges. I think even though it was a smaller room, it worked better. Or at least the expectation and the situation helped. The Navarros will start touring in halls, parties and festivals. And by January 2025, surprise. But it won't be a concert.

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