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The governments of Navarre and Spain agree to reform the Foral Improvement to guarantee competition in traffic

  • The Navarro and Spanish governments have agreed on the reform of the Foral Improvement to shield Traffic as a historical and exclusive competence of the Executive Branch.
Maria Txibite lehendakaria eta Angel Victor TOrres ministroa (bigarrena eskuinetik), atzoko ekitaldian. Argazkia: Nafarroako Gobernua

In February, the Supreme Court annulled the royal decree on the transfer of traffic competition. To overcome this resolution, the Navarro and Spanish governments presented yesterday afternoon a consensual reform of the Foral Improvement.

“This reform reintegrates the whole of Navarre into the management of competencies in Traffic,” said Minister of Territorial Policy, Ángel Víctor Torres, at an event held yesterday afternoon at the Palacio de Navarra.

This armor has two keys: on the one hand, the agreed reform determines that traffic is a historical competence; on the other, it adds that this competence is exclusive to close the door to be shared with the Civil Guard. Thus, the Supreme misses the two arguments used against the royal decree.

“This is one more step in the political and institutional commitment that we have always demonstrated, it is a new impetus for the Constitution and Foral Improvement,” said President Maria Txibite.

The reform of the Foral Improvement will have to take steps. Firstly, it will be approved by the Government of Navarra in today's work programme. The Council of Navarra will then issue a report. It will be discussed and voted on in the Foral Parliament. Finally, the Spanish Congress and Senate should also approve it. Txibit expects the process to be completed by the end of the year.

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