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Social movements around the world call the summit against the Marrakech organization in October

  • From 9 to 15 October, the IMF and the World Bank will hold an annual meeting. This year it will be held in Marrakech (Morocco) and, in the same period, the committee against illegitimate debts has called on agents and movements around the world to denounce "neoliberal and capitalist actions and their damages".
FMIaren eta Argentinako Gobernuaren arteko akordioen aurkako protesta Buenos Airesen, 2022an. / Argazkia: Financial Times

27 January 2023 - 07:00

They denounce with a note that the IMF and the World Bank are accomplices of the "most powerful" and promoters of the "social differences caused by neoliberalism and capitalism". In the context of the multilateral crisis of the past three years, entrepreneurs report that the agreements signed by the Monetary Fund with hundreds of governments have increased the debt crisis of the States of the South.

The states of the South have had, since the second half of the last century, "colonialist and despotic debts" that have led to the impoverishment of the citizens. Both the IMF and the World Bank have been held responsible for this impoverishment, as "all attempts to eliminate illegal debts are being denied", along with other international organisations such as G20 or the Paris Club.

"Promote the cruelty of capitalism"

Both institutions meet each year, normally in Washington, USA, but every three years in another Member State. "It is no coincidence that this year in Morocco, a good student for EE.UU. and its allies, for their strong defense of neoliberalism and the cruel immigration policies of the European Union," they denounce.

They have therefore called for an institutional model that protects the interests of citizens around the world, encouraging all entrepreneurs and movements to participate in the "counter-summit" of Marrakech itself from 9 to 15 October. The committee also believes that it can be a starting point for proactive cooperation.


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