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EH Bizirik on Saturday convenes meetings and demonstrations in defense of the land in Azpeitia

  • The Basque Network Herria Bizirik called a demonstration in defense of the land on April 13 at 18:00 in Azpeitia to show "a broad social rejection of macroprojects that attack the territory and the rural environment". Workshops and round tables will be held in the morning on the subject. Over 70 agents from the Basque Country have joined the call.
Euskal Herria Bizirik taldea aurkeztu eta Azpeitiko manifestazioa iragarri zuten eguneko irudia, Gasteizen. Argazkia: Dos por dos.

08 April 2024 - 11:53
Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:06:41

"The destruction of the natural environment continues and the corporate energy transition driven by governments with the implementation of giant wind and photovoltaic macroprojects delves into the same developmental model that has led us to the ecological and social crisis," EH Bizirike said. This can be read in the manifesto Renewable Megaprojects signed by hundreds of citizens against the current expansion and in favor of life: "At the same time that the privileges of an economic elite are perpetuated, they offer us false solutions without assuming what the true solutions would require: to totally question the energy oligarchy, to break with the imperative of economic growth, to radically transform our productive and energy model and to deepen the democratization of our territories".

The meetings and demonstration will be held in Azpeitia to show "the total support for the struggle being carried out by the Sañu Bizirik group to stop the wind power plant project that the multinational Statkraft intends to implement on the grounds of the Azpeitia, Zestoa and Errezil mountains".

All day meetings

After reception at 9:45 hours in the plaza del pueblo, at 10:00 hours will be open the workshops "Corporate energy transition and mega-projects", "Contributions from agroecology in the context of the ecosocial crisis", "Basque feminism in the defense of the land and "Loss of biodiversity: causes and consequences".

At 12:00 a round table will be held in the Azoka Plaza room to learn about the experiences of Aragon and Galicia, with the participation of the Platform for the defense of the Aragonese territory Cincovillas and the Galician group Ecoloxistas Galicia Atlantica and Verde.

At 14:30 there will be a meal (booking phone 676767516).

At 18:00 the demonstration will begin from the plaza.

Throughout the day you will be able to visit the artistic exhibition Hamaika at Sanagustin Kulturgunea, which includes the works carried out by 11 Basque illustrators in defense of the territory.

Adhesions to the demonstration for the time being

So far more than 40 agents have joined the call for demonstration.

At the national level: Euskal Herriko Bilgune Feminist, EH Kontseilua Socialist, EHKOreader, Anticapitalists, Sare Antifaxista, Askapena, Steilas, ESK and Ibili.

Others at the national level are: Ostia taldea, CNT Gasteiz, Aleka, Zadorra Bizirik Elkartea, Hontza Ekartea, Bionekazariza, Biolur, Maderas and Kandela baserritar ekintza, UAGA, NEE (transforming the energy of Navarra), AHGIKODEA

Aroztak Herri Ekimena; Aroztak; Guggenheim Urdaibai Stop; Electrical interconnection; Otxantegi Herri Lurra; Donostialdea, Oarsoaldea and Bidasobidaldeko AHT; BaSOS; Aramaixoko Talde Feminista; Euskal Herria Errerereale ; Errezil Bizirik; Sañu Bizirik; Macroeconomic Commissions ez! ; Makatza Arratiako Ekologistak Martxan; Agiro Mendi Taldea; Anaitasua Mendi Taldea; Matxinkorta Mendi Taldea; Mendiko Lagunak Mendi Taldea; Lagun Onak; Sokaitz; Makatza Arratiako Mendi Natura elkartea;

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