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Strawberries must meet as singers

  • Are you strawberry? The strawberry opens the door of spring. Currently there are two groups of strawberries, hammers or savages (Fragaria vesca) and strawberries shells (Fragaria x ananananassa). They both flourish in parallel with the spring equinox. Strawberry festivities, which are held on cooler lands than ours, especially in the United States, are old. Those of the late nineteenth century are known, and as the biggest celebrations are the strawberries of food and champagne, between music, dances, games, etc.

20 May 2024 - 04:00

In Europe, it seems that strawberry was not looked at capriciously and its small hammer did not develop genetically, no genetic improvement was made, as is technically said. In America the Spanish colonizers met with surprise the Mapuche chelder or the Chilean white strawberry (Fragaria chiloensis) and its giant strawberries, up to the size of a chicken egg, until they came to Europe. Amedee François Frezie, French spy, brought them in secret in 1714. They created in the Brest of Brittany the strawberry or vegetable strawberries sold today in 1766, hybridizing and American strawberry Virginia (Fragaria virginiana).

Virginia strawberry is in fact a kind of hammer or strawberry base. Virginia from the US comes from the state, but it was found in many states, even in southern Canada. Irokes have it in their mythology, and according to Ashley Day at her 3 Sisters to Invite to Thanksgiving, the strawberry came from the heart of Mother Earth when she died in giving birth to Sapling and Flint with her two twin sons.

In the cultures of the southern and northern extremes of America, strawberry is of great importance. As in the North, when the new strawberry season begins, a large number of celebrations are also held in the Chilean part.

In our country, strawberry has many names, a living footprint that our ancestors would know and take advantage of very well: it arranges, irrigation, amarrugi, amubé, maguri, mahal, mailubi, maraguri, marabio, maraburu, maranburu and maramo at least. And we have no celebration? Have we always underestimated? In his book Euskaraz Eguia, written in 1858 by Azkaindarra Jean Martín Hiribarne, says: “Zuhamu, yende and peoples that fall upon the land; rent of marmalo. There is as much life in the underground as above.” The barn or strawberry is not a midday ornament of the bat.

Joxepa Agirregabiria Zubimendi came from the Ugarte house of Lastur to the Errekalde of Astigarraga and took them to Donostia to sell strawberries. He said so to those who gathered the strawberry in his house: you have to put it together singing strawberry. In case of quiet eat strawberry and eat, you cannot eat singing.

Is it bad to celebrate that now and here strawberries have also come? However, he chooses those around him tikis, sweets and bixis, and leaves away those thick strawberries that come from a stranger.

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