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LGTBIphobia faces multiple demonstrations on Friday afternoon

  • May 17 is the day against LGBTBIphobia and in the afternoon there will be numerous mobilizations for the Basque Country. At the end of the news we inform you of some of them.

17 May 2024 - 13:40
Last updated: 15:12

This day began on 17 May 1990. That day, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the list of diseases. And more than a decade ago, the attacks they suffer in daily life lesbian, homosexual, transsexual, intersexual and bisexual.

The LGTBI community acknowledges its progress in recent years and that its community now lives better than in the past. However, they warn that crimes against them are increasing, first those of attitude or voice, then those of physical aggression.

In Navarre, for example, from August 2022 to July 2023, 34 of these attacks were reported. According to the data, one of the four criminal hate attacks is against the LGTBI community. In any case, according to the studies, only 2 out of 10 attacks are reported, the rest remain silent or private.

The Observatory against LGBTBIphobia of the City of Pamplona is one of the institutions responsible for these collections, and stress that the reports of the closest and/or citizens who have been attacked, half of those submitted, are increasingly important. There are no Navarros observatories, but the Kattalingune service has offices in Tafalla, Tudela, Estella, Irurtzun and Pamplona.

It should also be noted that more and more attacks are being suffered by the trans collective. In San Sebastian, for example, eighteen attacks were reported in 2022, of which a quarter were victims of trans.

The LGTBI are placing special emphasis on those verbal aggressions that occur in daily life, which can also be seen among friends, in the media and in the institutions, because they legitimize the attacks that later occur on the street. They therefore call on the public to face it, especially those close by.

Mobilizations will be held in various places in the Basque Country to make the situation visible and to denounce the aggressions. Here, for example, those announced by EHGAM:

Bilbao: 18:30 hours in the Arriaga, convened by Coordinator E28.

Durango: 19:00 hours in Andramari, convened by Kuir Eztanda.

Vitoria: at 18:15 in the White Virgin, convened by Miaukatuz.

Hernani: 19:30 in Plaza Nueva, convened by Transmaribollode Buruntzaldea.

Leioa: At 19:00 in Pirulia, convened by Haritz.

Pamplona: 19:00 in the plaza de los Ajos, called by the E28 Platform.

Oiartzun: 19:00 in the town square, convened by the LGTBI+ Cuirdinadora de Oarsoaldea.

Orio: at 19:00 in Herrko Square, convened by Transmaribolloe de Urola Kosta.

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