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Bark lacquer

  • Apples carry winter in Buddha. Apples come and go to stop the winter; I want winter in these days of strong south wind palpable. The winter apples will delight us the winter, we collect them by hand to pick them up, we choose them and put them in a dark, ventilated and fresh place, taking care of and preserving the winter apples, the guard apples, the rise apples.

23 October 2023 - 05:00

The apples of delay are usually the ones that are received to store them, since the heat of the fall that will suffer the apples of early morning will exalt the aggressions, to cook them from within and to rot. They would be beautiful in the heart of winter!

In the blackberry apples, no collection option is chosen either. In winter the best roasts or raw ones are chosen. Some like the Great Birthday (Malus domestica “Urte i Haundi”), others like Mokotxo (Malus domestica “Mokotxo”), or Txalaka (Malus domestica “Txalaka”), others like the Udare apple (Malus domestica “Udare”) and the Danes’ “Malus” medal. Every house has its palate!

The veil is not a grain that has gone to play guitar and found in the leg. It is the cultivation or variety “created” by our culture by selecting and selecting the one we like most for many years. One of its most prominent features is rough or rough skin. As a result of cuticle microcuts, the external epidermis of the fruit takes the form of cork. It is mostly light brown, with a crude dot and the rest green, which will then be yellowed. Over time, strong pulp softens, facilitating intake.

This superficial lacquer on the veil is a valuable and valued feature. Other apples such as Pear, Anixa Apple (Malus domestica “Anixa”) or some pears also have this feature: Lectures for example (Pyrus communis “Conference”). In the areas where this pear is produced, they prefer that the skin lacquer be very axial and not better. This brown color of the skin is due, among other factors, to humidity, temperature, wind, disease and pest attack, inadequate fertilizer, disfigured pruning or chemicals that are discarded to “care”.

Last year, fruit growers had drought as their main enemy, this year moisture. This has exaggerated the raw skin problem. For the sake of the culture of the Recital and to the detriment of the Conference. Less bad than with moisture, the skin is refined. I know the skin, I already have it!

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