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EH Bizirik calls for a noisy rally at European wind industry congress

  • On 20 March, the European wind industry will hold its annual congress called "Wind Europe" at BEC in Barakaldo. At 10:00 AM Bizirik calls for a loud concentration on the portal.

18 March 2024 - 12:21
Last updated: 15:55

The Euskal Herria Bizirik network in its note to the media that "have joined forces to deal with the imposition of macro projects that will benefit the multinationals and destroy our nature and the rural environment". They have pointed out that we are experiencing a rapid process of building renewable energy: "both the proliferation of requests for the installation of these macro-projects and the proposals envisaged in the Sectoral Territorial Plan for Renewable Energy pending approval will involve the construction of some 150 installations. It is fundamentally about locating them in the mountains and in the rural areas and that will have a direct impact on our nature, economy, history and culture. All this, besides the opinion of society, considering that the majority would reject the proposal".

Two demands on entrepreneurs and politicians

The European wind industry is organising an annual conference at BEC in Barakaldo. In the words of EH Bizirik, "there will be speakers of entrepreneurs and politicians from the world who want to feed the new green economic bubble." EH Bizirik wants to make two demands public to these entrepreneurs and politicians:

On the one hand, we call for the immediate suspension of authorizations for the installation of such projects and the current processing of the Territorial Plan. They argue that "it has negative effects on culture, nature, economy and history, that we sell our territory to the best bidder or at least mortgage it". The EH Bizirik network has called for a new project to be carried out that will "be decisive" the participation of society in both drafting and development.

On the other hand, it calls for "the systematic destruction of natural resources to be curbed". EH Bizirik recalls that six of the nine biophysical limits have been exceeded: "Being aware of the risk without a return to ecological stability, we demand the need to change the way we relate to the environment!" The paradigm shift is "urgent" for EH Bizi and lists the characteristics of the new paradigm: "that situates people and nature at the center of the system, that incorporates the concept of health in all policies and, consequently, that ecological values are determinant in the context of the climate emergency". He announces that this claim will be very present at the demonstration to be held on 13 April in Azpeitia.

"We defend a design based on a social debate," said the network, "putting at the center the consumptions and supplies of Basque society, based on solutions that rely on urbanizable plots and taking advantage of the scheme of decentralization of energy generation". In this sense, "no to macro-projects" is "fundamental", according to EH Bizirik. "Yes, but not so! No big projects!" claimed.

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