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The Tafalla Court finds traces of environmental crimes in the macrofinca of Caparroso

  • Foundation Subai and Greenpeace ask the Government of Navarra to judge the culprits and to provide compensation for the evidence of the investigation. "Discharges damaged a special protection zone," said Lorea Flores, a member of Greenpeace, who is considered an "environmental crime."

12 February 2024 - 06:17
HTN enpresako Odieta Ibarreko filiala, ustez kutsadura eragin zuten isuriak kudeatzen dituena (Argazkia: Sustrai Fundazioa)

The Subai and Greenpeace Foundation denounced in 2021 the pollution discharges of the Caparroso macro-estate, and now, three years after initiating proceedings against the company Valle de Odieta, the Tafalla Court has detected signs of environmental crimes. The Tafalla Court appeals to the Provincial Court of Navarra to continue the judicial procedure.

There seems to have been serious pollution, explains Lorea Flores, a member of Greenpeace. Flores stressed that "discharges damaged a zone of special protection and therefore is considered an environmental crime".

The members of the Navarra Platform against Macro-Farms have "positively" valued the news received, as they thought that the judicial route would be closed without any investigation. Before the Court's first steps and in view of the evidence found in the investigation, they will transfer their claims to the Government of Navarra. The Subai and Greenpeace Foundation will continue to press the Government of Navarra to intervene; to ensure that the trial materializes and protects a more sustainable production system.

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