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Call for cooperation in halting the eviction of Otxantegi agricultural land in Berango

  • The agroecological project has been working collectively for two years on the agricultural land of Otxantegi in Berango, but they have eviction orders by 18 April. Last year they managed to stop and, in the hope of succeeding, they have called a popular breakfast for that day. “We cannot allow all the remaining agricultural land in Uribe Kosta to be reduced.”
Duela hilabete batzuk, lehenengo desalojo agindua geldiaraztea lortu zuten, auzokoen elkartasunari esker.

17 April 2024 - 10:31

The Aguirre Lipperheide family wants to sell eight hectares of agricultural land from Otxantegi for the company Amenabar to build them. “In the midst of the ecological crisis, the consumption of local products and the importance of food sovereignty, the realization of such a greedy urban project is an ecocide”, explains members of Otxantegi Herri Lurra. In addition, they have denounced that the Berango City Hall disguises the operation with the right to housing, but that it is a “business on our own”.

In 2023 they managed to stop the first eviction order thanks to neighborhood solidarity and popular organization. To help stop this second eviction, at 8:30 in the morning they have called a popular breakfast “in defense of the land”. “For two years we have worked the land, we have made the space a meeting point to learn together and we are ready to continue on it. The seeds sown there will fertilize in the gray world you want to build.”

On the other hand, on 13 April, the celebration of the second anniversary of the project has been organized and an all-day programme has been prepared, as has just been said in this news.

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