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"In the best forecasts, the older adults will double the number of young people and in the worst case they will multiply by five. We must reflect on care"

  • The sociologist Irati Mogollon (Lezo, 1991) organized a reflection session on Wednesday at the Lezeaga Hall in Llodio. It proposes reflecting on the organization of care and putting it in the future, both socially and individually.

23 May 2024 - 08:10
Argazkia: Hala Bedi

Today you're going to talk about the architecture of care. But if I'm not mistaken, you'll basically talk about old age, right?

When we talk about the architecture of care, we're talking about soft, hard infrastructures to support life. It will be a session on this, not just of old age. But it is true that we are going to focus on old age, because that is where the most vulnerable challenges of today are and we are aging as a society, because that is also one of the big areas that you do not want to look at.

You think everyone should reflect on old age and project how they want to happen. What is your proposal?

As for the organization of life and aging, the biggest problem is solemnity with care. We do not recognise our needs and do not express them.

The complexity of the challenge lies in it. That is the first thing to do. Discuss recognition among all and think about what each wants. This is one of the biggest problems, which you normally don't want to think about old age until it's already on top.

Therefore, in addition to the ideal resources we have, we must strategically reflect on the public, private and community resources we have and on those we want to build for this care model we want. That's the shortage we have, and that's what we're going to work on in the program.

To what extent does care condition the organization of personal life, especially among the elderly?

Old age is transverse, because it is something that occurs in public, private and community relationships. Inevitably there is a reflection of reciprocity.

"Reciprocity is not on the table today, and when people come to unfortunate situations, they stay in the model of authoritarian surveillance."

The responsibilities we do not assume in life have a responsibility towards others. I mean, if I have cholesterol and diabetes, to enjoy a kind of life, I'm leaving the responsibility for my care at the expense of others, whether individuals or organizations.

This reciprocity is not on the table today and, when it comes to unfortunate situations, it remains in the model of authoritarian surveillance. That is, strategic decisions are made without taking into account the desire and life model of the person.

For example, since in a certain town there is no elderly residence and his family cannot take care of it, we move a citizen to the neighbouring town without regard to his crew and his needs. Maybe that person has to drink a little with their friends once a week, or play at the Bonoloto once a week, but we take care of all the weight, whatever happens.

For this not to happen, we have to articulate it before, think and express it before.

There is a paradox. We do a test when it comes to caring for our little ones, seeing the ikastolas or public schools, but with nursing homes, day centers and many other services we do not work.

There is the fraternity or rejection we have mentioned for these decisions or reflections.

In this society, the base of the population pyramid is older people. Why is this debate not a boiling point?

We are obsolete societies, we are entering that name, thanks to the ageing or collective retirement of the baby boom generation, and also in Northern Europe.

"Very populist measures will be taken in a few years' time"

In the Spanish State, as a result of Franco, we are arriving 20 years late. We are entering the silver economy and society, where care is going to have more and more central importance. Obviously, many of the measures being taken at the time. But ironically, we are a very mature society, even though most of society is made up of its superiors.

In the best forecasts, the older adults will double the number of young people. At worst, multiply by four or five. These are the demographic predictions. It is not a risk, it is a reality. That is what they have taken into account and that is why late retirement etc. It will take us to live hard situations and that is why it is important to reflect before, to self-manage from the community and from the administration some debates.

There is not going to be an explosion, but in a few years' time, many micro-explosions and unpopulist measures will be taken. That is what economists are talking about and the time will come sooner or later.

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