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Spying on envy

  • What is evil or envy? As Ibon Sarasola Errazkin says in his Jakin dictionary, speaking on the lower level, “envy.” What is envy? You want to know? If you no longer know what envy is, you will learn easily. Attention to plants.

30 October 2023 - 05:00

Place on the door of your house, on the pot or on the ground the following floors: laurel (laurel, Laurus nobilis), ilena (angel flower, balm or molinilla, Calendula officinalis), rosemary (romania, ramania, ramuni, stateroom, eremus, belipius, nifus, vellis, nifos). ), violet (rude, arruta, albortusai, boskoitz, rude aromatique, gracias z-belarra, moscatxa, ruta graveolens) and cactus; if the latter is possible, put whatever you want.

All these floors will do a sleek job at the entrance to your home: cleaning! They will drive away the people who are running envious with you. What a witch said. And I like to try things like this, what are you going to do! I propose to you that some put six plants, all. Others just one plant, or the pair, the threesome, the quintet… and see if what the witch says is true. You know there is envy around you. You just have to spy on who is delayed from plant placement and who appears less than before to find out what envy is: that friend. It can be the least you think, because envy has as many traces as schools. And as you know, you can take yourself quietly and know which branch that outfit belongs to. It's not easy, it's a task to do from subtlety, sharpen your senses and see what performance you bring. There are few branches of the tree of envy: envy itself, competitive, jeloisgo, impatience, bitterness, grudge, antsia, embeia, wife, rebellion, sepulchre, barbarism and the devil.

The laurel will help you to know the glory, the fame, the honor, the great and what you want to be hotsane. Hair brings the sorrows and sorrows of love, beware of what he has driven away… Can envy develop from loyalty? Yes? That's what rosemary is going to scare away. The launcher distances you from the envious during the domain period. The powerful vortex will alienate the most pessimistic people in thought and mind. For their part, the cactus will put aside those who have not been able to bring your fate and its rise. The witch says so. And to say goodbye to the ruthless person, shouting at a branch of envy: “That you get married.”

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