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The National Court records the Pegasus espionage case

  • The case of Pedro Sánchez, president of Spain, and four other ministers for mobile spies, has been closed due to the lack of "absolute" collaboration of the Government of Israel and the Justice, owner of the Pegasus program.
Pedro Sánchez Espainiako presidentea eta Defentsa ministro Margarita Robles. / Argazkia: Pool Moncloa, Fernando Calvo.

11 July 2023 - 08:30

Spanish National Court Judge José Luis Calama has announced that the Pegasus spying case will be filed. According to this, Israel, where Pegasus is, has shown a lack of "total" legal cooperation; it has not yet answered the request for rogation submitted and is one year old. According to the judge, “revealing secrets” is one of the crimes that have followed the case and “endangers the security of the State”. Cancelled

Integration of the Pegasus computer program in the motives of the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, and the ministers of agriculture, Margarita Robles, Fernando Grande-Marlaska Interior and Luis Planas. During the years 2020 and 2021, as El Salto recalled, mobile phones were “contaminated” on several occasions. But they asked Israel for help to testify to NSO GROUP, owner of Pegasus.

Without an answer, the magistrate advances that the only path left is the diplomat.

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The Prosecutor's Office says it is not a crime for the infiltrated police to have sex with women
Five women filed a lawsuit against the police infiltrated for three years in the Catalan movements, accusing them of sexual abuse against them. The Prosecutor's Office asks the judge to reject the complaint and points out that in the relations there was "recognition" of women.

Another policeman infiltrated the social movements of Madrid for six years
The Salto has made public the case of police infiltrated in anti-fascist and anti-repressive movements between 2015 and 2021, after investigating in collaboration with Direct. This is the sixth case of scuba police officers published by the media for fifteen months.

2023-04-17 | David Bou
Marc, Dani and Ramón

The three names that appear in the title of this article do not match the reality of the people so called. Marc Hernàndez Pons, Dani Hernàndez Pons and Ramón Martínez Hernàndez were the false identities attributed by the Ministry of the Interior to three agents of the... [+]

The Spanish Government recognizes that it authorized the police to infiltrate social movements.
The Spanish Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has stated that information related to infiltrations is included in a secret file. These police officers have defined them as intelligence agents seeking information of interest to "order and public security".

The Rectorate of the UPV/EHU "rejects" the presumed espionage and studies report
The Rectorate of the UPV/EHU in a statement has condemned "with the utmost firmness" the alleged case of espionage of the workers of the university center. Infolibre announced that, in Kitch’s case, the university’s chief of security passed information to the Spanish police... [+]

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