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At the centre of surveillance

Change from lump to one. Wash and mix from body to body. Cook and feed someone. Lay or lift a person's body out of bed. Retention and cleaning during vomiting. All of them are conservation tasks. The list is much longer, although you can rarely do, listen or see the entire census of these works.

There is much talk about the need to centralize surveillance work, its importance in the social and economic agenda, the unbalanced and unjust situation generated by the fact that care work is a woman and the loss of value of these tasks and the authors (caregivers).

We talk a lot about care, but we don't talk very carefully, one at a time, from tilets to tilets. Not at least in the square, first and foremost, in the media or in the rallies.

However, it is appropriate to avoid abstractions used to move from scratch on the surface of the problem to deep roots. To reach the care center to address the difficulties involved in care. Not only oneself, but among all, as a community, when it comes to getting involved in care.

Care has painful edges and the need to address the weaknesses, pains and concerns of others becomes a mirror

And, in passing, to make known the nuances of surveillance. Because we never say it, but it is not supported to change the luggage to a child or an elderly or disabled, we do not feel the same when cleaning a new body that flourishes or when caring for a worn body that goes in decline, feeding or helping in vomit is the person served: a minor or a clothed friend who works at the end of life.

Also in the way of feeling and carrying this kind of work, because gender also commands: women carry these care sentences or not, older people prefer to be cared for by women and in parents it is difficult to see men to care for children. For reasons, women and men develop different ways of coping with attitudes, feelings and emotions: panic and disgust are different when it comes to observing and softening reses or body aches, as well as ways of defending themselves.

Care has painful edges and the need to deal with the weaknesses, pains and concerns of others becomes a mirror, a miracle of degeneration that we can also suffer. We would need common psycho-emotional tools available to everyone to address these difficult aspects of life. To calm the care tasks.

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ARGIAk ez du zertan bat etorri artikuluen edukiarekin. Idatzien gehienezko luzera 4.500 karakterekoa da (espazioak barne). Idazkera aldetik gutxieneko zuzentasun bat beharrezkoa da: batetik, ARGIAk ezin du hartu zuzenketa sakona egiteko lanik; bestetik, egitekotan edukia nahi gabe aldatzeko arriskua dago. ARGIAk azaleko zuzenketak edo moldaketak egingo dizkie artikuluei, behar izanez gero.

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