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Three strikers called to testify in the context of the A30 general feminist strike

  • They shall testify at the Azpeitia Court on 5 June. Regarding the short A-8 motorway between Zumaia and Zarautz, they are attributed a "public disorder". On the same day, at 09:50, the feminist movement will concentrate to show solidarity and request the suspension of judicial proceedings.  
Errepide mozketak burutu zituzten goizean goizik, azaroaren 30eko greba feministaren kari. Argazkia: ARGIA

30 May 2024 - 09:36
Last updated: 11:27

The Zumaia feminist movement has announced by way of a note that, in connection with the general feminist strike of 30 November, three members must be declared in the wake of the accused "public disorder". The procedure is associated with the cut of the A-8 motorway between Zumaia and Zarautz. In that mobilization he identified two feminist strikers and the third call to testify was the one that sent the fact sheet that he called the midday and night mobilizations.

They must testify on 5 June at the Azpeitia Court. The feminist coordinator of Urola Kosta called a rally on the same day at 09:50 before the hearing to request the suspension of the judicial procedure and show her solidarity. The law provides for prison sentences of six months to three years for the accused. Once again, from the meeting the claim of the public and community care system will be disseminated.

In the early morning of 30 November, several strikers cut off the exit of the Arroa motorway by sitting in front of the toll. Long stops were created on the motorway between Zumaia and Zarautz. It was an action framed in the general feminist strike throughout Hego Euskal Herria.


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